Scientists Study Cannabis as Possible COVID-19 Treatment

Studies are currently underway in Israel.
Studies are currently underway in Israel. | Photo Via Instagram

Could cannabis treat COVID-19? Scientists are working to answer just that question in Israel. 

According to Benzinga, last week Israeli company InnoCan Pharma said it would collaborate with Tel Aviv University "to instill CBD medicine through exosomes — or the small cell structures created when stem cells multiply."

Scientists hope this method would allow exosomes to " uniquely target cell organs damaged by COVID-19." Cannabinoid CBD's anti-inflammatory properties could help in repairing those cells damaged by the virus, according to Benzinga, citing the importance of a "synergistic effect" utilizing the plant.

Another Israeli company is testing using cannabis in tandem with steroids, hoping that together, the traditional drug and cannabis will increase each others effects in treating inflammation, according to Benzinga.

Despite promise, experts are currently warning people against smoking cannabis as it does increase risk for COVID-19 infection. At least one of the methods in testing in Israel involves an alternative inhalation process as means of intake, according to the publication.