REVIEW: Is The Puffco Peak Pro Worth It?

We took the Peak Pro for a 30-day test drive.
We took the Peak Pro for a 30-day test drive. / Image from

If you’re looking to get into dabs, the good news is you no longer have to start with a little rinky dink rig from your local headshop and a torch whose flame refuses to get high enough for the ice water hash you just bought. 

Instead, advancements in technology have made it where you can skip past the traditional rite of passage, and step right into the big leagues for your first taste of oil.

Let’s talk about the Puffco Peak Pro, and why it’s the perfect electronic dab rig for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

What is the Puffco Peak Pro?

Puffco is a tech company headquartered in Los Angeles. They make a variety of products aimed at extracts enthusiasts. Of them, for the past couple of years, their Puffco Peak has been the belle of the ball. Now, the Pro is here to steal the show.

The Puffco Peak Pro is an electronic dab rig that allows a highly customization dabbing experience, right down to real temperature control and its Bluetooth capabilities.

It retails at $399.99.

Who is the Puffco Peak Pro made for?

Puffco Peak Pro units
The Puffco Peak Pro brings style and ease to cannabis dabbing. / Image from Puffco on Facebook

Anyone who wants to dab without the effort of torching a glass rig could benefit from the Puffco Peak Pro. You can crack open a fresh puck of oil and be inhaling all those cannabinoids and terpenes within a smooth 20 seconds. 

With a traditional glass dab rig, torching, then waiting for your red hot banger to cool down usually takes 5x this amount of time. Not to mention if you want to dab at an exact temperature, you’ll need an accessory like the Terpometer or Dab Rite. 

With the Puffco Peak Pro’s new features, that entire experience is held within one single device.

How the Puffco Peak Pro differs from the regular Peak

As far as the difference between the Puffco Peak Pro and the regular Puffco Peak. The Peak allows four different temperature settings, however the Puffco Peak Pro comes with an app that allows you to choose your exact temperature. If you want to dab at 534 degrees, the Peak Pro app allows you to do just that. Additionally, new features with the Puffco Peak Pro include wireless charging, USB-C charging, a large capacity chamber, and customizable LED lights.

The Puffco Peak Pro features include:

  • Bluetooth App
  • Enabled Wireless Charging (Base sold separately)
  • USB-C charging
  • Real-Time Temperature Control
  • Large Capacity Chamber
  • Customizable LED lights

The Puffco Peak Pro also comes with Boost Mode, Ready Mode, and Stealth Mode. Boost Mode increases the temperature and session length of your hit; Ready Mode automatically heats your Peak Pro once you take it off the Power Dock; Stealth Mode turns the device’s lights off for discretion. 

How to use the Puffco Peak Pro

man holding Puffco Peak Pro
The Puffco Peak Pro is easy to hold AND easy to use. / Image from Puffco on Facebook

For starters, let the Peak Pro charge to a full battery before use. The lights pulse white while charging then turn off once charged.  After that, sync your device with the Puffco bluetooth app

Once charged and synced, it’s time to get high.

How to use the Puffco Peak Pro

  • Step 1: Fill Peak glass with water
  • Step 2: Turn on the Puffco Peak Pro
  • Step 3: Choose your temperature
  • Step 4: Add concentrates to the atomizer
  • Step 5: Cover atomizer with carb cap
  • Step 6: Wait for the device to vibrate
  • Step 7: Dab, get high, love life

Step 1: Fill the Peak glass with water. There’s a guideline when you first open the device that suggests filling it up to about an inch over the air holes. When full, align the inlet hole on the front of the glass with the chamber. Push the front of the glass into the base, then the back.


Step 2: Turn the Puffco Peak Pro on. You do this by first holding the button for 3 seconds to unlock (and lock) the device. 

Step 3: After unlocking the device, push the button to cycle between the four temperature presents, or use the Bluetooth app to choose a specific temperature (up to 620). Once you’ve chosen a temperature, press the button twice and it’ll begin to heat/light up.

Puffco Peak Pro Preset Colors and Temperature

  • Blue: low at 254 degrees Celsius or 492 Fahrenheit
  • Green: medium at 266 degrees Celsius or 510 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Red: high at 277 Celsius or 530 Fahrenheit
  • White: “Peak” at 285 Celsius or 545 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 4: While the device is heating, use the Puffco dab tool to load your concentrates into the atomizer’s chamber. Aim for the center of the device, not the sides.

Step 5: Once the extracts are loaded, cover the atomizer with the Puffco carb cap (or whatever cap you have), and wait for the Peak Pro to finish heating. The device will light up and vibrate three times when it’s ready.

Step 6: Once the Peak Pro is ready, simply put your lips to the mouthpiece, inhale, and viola: you’ve now learned how to smoke dabs from the Puffco Peak Pro. Play with the various temperatures to truly dial in your favorite temperature to smoke.

Step 7: After finishing your dab, use a cotton swab to clean the oil from the chamber. Once clean, lock/turn the device off by holding the button for 3 seconds. It’s important to turn the device off to conserve battery. Charging the Peak takes a cool 2.5 hours.

For Boost Mode, double click after heat up. For Ready Mode, you need the Bluetooth app and the Power Dock. For Stealth mode, rapidly click the Peak Pro button four times.

Review of the Puffco Peak Pro

man using puffco peak pro
The Puffco Peak Pro allows you to appreciate cannabis and innovation at the same time. / Image from Puffco on Facebook

After using the Puffco Peak for a month, I’m here to tell you it’s the best smoking device I’ve ever owned. It’s extremely well-made, sleek, compact, and efficient. 

The Peak Pro smoking experience

The Puffco smoking experience is supreme. 

Off just one lil’ dab, you can get 9 of 10 hits. THEY ALL HIT SO SMOOTH. And the reheat to get that last bit in the corner of your Peak bowl is super quick. So truthfully, one session with the Pro and you’ll be good to go for the next few hours. The dabs are straight to the face and before the session timer even runs out, you’ll be thinking “Okay, yeah...That packs a serious punch.” Plus you won’t get the sleepy, slumped over, groggy feeling that comes after smoking flower. 

The temperature control vs. flavor

The Peak Pro not only makes dabbing a cinch, but the temperature customization really lets you bring the best out of different types of live resin and solventless hash. 

For example, I bought some Tropicana Hater Tears from Dirty Arm Farm in Oregon, and it didn’t smell too terpy at first. I used it with the Green preset, and the oil was extremely underwhelming. It hit smooth, but it didn’t taste like anything. 

However, once I upped the device to the temperature to Peak, it really brought out the fruity, citrus-like flavor of Tropicana Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Tangie). From there, I was able to use the app to toggle the temperature to exactly where I want: 538 degrees.

The same held true when I smoked the Peach Cobbler Loud Resin from Refine in Washington state. The Green and Red presets brought out the armpit-like funk slightly, but when I set that temperature at a specific low temperature of 490, the terpenes EXPLODED from the oil.

Battery life 

The Puffco Peak Pro battery life is incredible too. In general, they say a full battery will last about 30 sessions, which for me was well over a couple of weeks. I dab once or twice a day, so off just one battery charge, I’m good for half the month. And when it did die, the Puffco Peak Power Dock made it super easy to charge, and still use while waiting 2.5 hours for a full battery.

The Peak experience vs. Glass experience

Outside of taking red hot dabs that’ll burn your throat off, there is no wrong way to take dabs. So when it comes to the Peak Pro vs glass rig debate, the true answer comes down to personal preference. 

If you want dabbing to be quick, easy, automated, and effective without much thought, the Puffco Peak Pro is an excellent buy. If you want the ultimate connoisseur experience, you’ll probably choose to invest in expensive glass rigs and accessories. Either way, you will still be smoking dabs and getting super high. That’s the only mission in the first place.

Is the Puffco Peak Pro worth it?

Absolutely, yes. I know it costs a grip, but if you’re wanting to dab without really diving into all of the education around it, the Peak Pro is an undeniably wise purchase. 

Glass dab rigs are super amazing, especially when it’s some high quality glass like the Mothership Glass or the Evol Empire Glass, but the price of them makes spending $400 on a Peak Pro a wash. 

Also, the Peak Pro is portable, so even if you do prefer smoking from glass, it’s still worth having in your collection if you love dabbing.

How to customize your Puffco Peak Pro with accessories 

Once comfortable with your Peak Pro, you can spiff it up with a plethora of customizable pieces. You can get different colored Peak glasses and custom glass attachments like the Empire Avocado glass. 

You can also get a variety of carb carbs, handles, and even third party bowl pieces that can be attached to your Pro’s atomizers (though, it takes a bit of expertise to do this without breaking the whole piece). You can also just cop some basic dab tools.

Puffco Peak accessories:

  • Dab tool: $5.99
  • Color carb cap and tethers: $19.99
  • Travel pack: $29.99
  • Power Dock: $120
  • Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass: $249.99

For portability, the Peak comes in a travel case and you can get the travel pack. And truthfully, I know the Power Dock is a little pricey for the average consumer at $120, but it’s worth it. You can just sit your Peak on there when you’re not using it, but it’s also a portable power bank that keeps you dabbing on-the-go. 

For the vast array of other Puffco accessories and custom glass attachments that turn your Puffco Peak Pro into a dabbing Megazord, peep their full collection

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