Meet Samantha Catt, Bedazzler of Bongs

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Samantha Catt badazzles glass and smoking accessories, and her work is well, pretty amazing. Need a totally inspired piece? You know where to go.

We caught up with Samantha to ask about her work.

How did you get involved in cannabis?

My best friend and soul sister came over one day and that was it! I had been taking pain pills for years for arthritis and it was taking a toll on my body. That in turn was what got me started in the industry too! I've always been loud and bright! So when I went in to buy my first bong I saw how they were all so drab and plain. Nothing was original or special. From that point I made it my mission to create something gorgeous and unique, thus Custom Blingggs was started!!!!

What’s your mission?

My mission is to bring something special and beautiful into people's lives! In this day why not stand out & sparkle? Everyone deserves to shine! I want to help shatter the stereotype of mj too!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I'd love for CB to be a known name in the industry, dispensaries & glass shops! A store front would be amazing!

What are some challenges, and some rewards?

The biggest challenge for me in this industry is being taken seriously. when I first started back in 2016 I was looked down on. People had this idea that I was just sitting around smoking weed with a glue gun in my hand ...only part of that was true. I heard a lot of criticism telling me I was a "joke" and "who would ever want something like that?!?" Now in 2019 it's more accepting however we do have people coming to troll us once in awhile but a few of them are now customers!

The biggest reward is my amazing customers I absolutely love being able to talk with someone and bring their concepts and dreams to life! there's nothing more feeling than a happy customer hearing that we made someone happy with one of my products give me such pride in what I do and gives me the drive to keep going!

Any advice for cannapreneurs?

Stay strong and push through it stuff anyone that tells you different is lying make sure you have a strong support around you keep your goals in mind and the best piece of advice I can give is for my late mom. If it's not scary it's not worth doing, just keep breathing and keep going!