Laurie Light of Daytrip Talks CBD and Ending the Stigma

Daytrip is leading the way for CBD and Cannabis Infused Beverages.
Daytrip is leading the way for CBD and Cannabis Infused Beverages.

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Laurie Light is the VP of Dispensary Sales for Daytrip, a CBD beverage company. Laurie truly cares about changing the perception of this plant and is grateful to be able to lead with her heart. We caught up with her to hear her story.

How did you get involved in cannabis?
I’ve always had a fascination with cannabis and how it alters my mood. Some of my favorite young adult memories involved smoking weed. My college roommate and I had this super cool water bong with two hoses, used as a shared carb. There was a natural flow to our consumption that connected mind, body and spirit. My relationship to cannabis has matured and evolved over the years as I’ve learned which cultivars & products make me feel uplifted and chatty, or relaxed and sexy.

I became involved in medical cannabis when my mom was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in early 2015. Her doctor told her she could take up to 7 Ativan a day to help with the stress of her terminal disease. I thought that was insane and suggested cannabis for stress and sleep. While she didn’t take to it as I’d hoped, I do think the cannabis brought her peace during some of her darkest days.

After my mom passed, I started researching cannabis as a pharmaceutical replacement for older adults. I began attending Rossmoor Senior Community’s monthly Medical Marijuana Club and met Carrie Tice. We bonded over a desire to help older adults try cannabis, instead of pop another pill. She soon founded Octavia Wellness, I joined the founding team, and I continued my education at Oaksterdam University, American Cannabis Nurses Association, THC University and Sativa Science Club. We went into people’s homes, talked with them one on one about cannabis and helped them procure legal products. Most preferred topicals and tinctures to smoking, vaping or edibles, and many had adult children they didn’t want to know about their consumption. This was eye-opening to me. We learned what new older consumers desired and built cannabis presentations geared towards the topics they wanted to learn about, namely pain, sleep and anxiety.

What is your mission with wearedaytrip?
I joined the Daytrip founding team in April 2019, as VP of Dispensary Sales, to launch our 5mg THC-infused sparkling water line. Daytrip 10mg CBD-infused sparkling water hit the market in July and sales are booming all throughout the country! Our mission is to deliver the world’s best cannabis-infused consumables, from flavor to effect, that delight the senses, connect with the California lifestyle, and provide that spontaneous escape from the challenges of everyday life. Until our THC line launches, I’m enjoying CBD sales, running our Brand Ambassador program, and providing education to new consumers.

Where do you see yourself in the industry in 5 years?
5 years is a lifetime in this industry! The word “pivot” gets thrown around a lot, with good reason. At present, in addition to my work with Daytrip, I am a co-applicant for cannabis retail in Contra Costa County with my husband, Matt, and a retail partner. Matt and I are the Outreach and Community partners for this team and we have already lined up our first cannabis giveaway with Rossmoor’s senior Compassion Club. For me, it’s a full circle opportunity to provide legal, safe cannabis products to older folks in my community who live with ongoing chronic health issues. I see myself continuing compassionate work, advocacy and education programs. Especially now that SB-34, the Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Act, passed.

What's the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis space and the biggest reward?

For me, the biggest challenge of working in the cannabis industry is the prohibitionist thinking in my home county. My husband and I have been lobbying and working with local cities for 3 years to open a cannabis retail store, create regulatory framework and educational programs that fit our needs in Contra Costa County but it is a slow, slow process.

The biggest reward working in cannabis is the incredible network the women I have met. We are strong, hard working women who value collaboration over competition. We share our experiences and show up for each other. And when we all get together for leadership events out of town, it’s a wildly delicious good time!

Do you have any advice for any fellow cannapreneurs?
Know who you are and what your skillset is. Stay genuine to your core values and play fair. And when you do make it, pay it forward. Become a female-founded, or equity, business angel investor, share your knowledge and time as a mentor, continue to build bridges and advocate for those who don’t have a voice. The future is female and we are stronger together.