Curious Cultivars: Why is Khalifa Kush Such a Great Cannabis Strain?

What makes Khalifa Kush such a special cannabis cultivar?
What makes Khalifa Kush such a special cannabis cultivar? / Image from

Everyone wants to smoke rapper weed. When it comes to strains that rappers smoke, few are more sought after than the famed Khalifa Kush. 

Created by Cookies, and named after the Prince of the City himself, rapper Wiz Khalifa, Khalifa Kush has long been one of the most exclusive cannabis strains on the market.

Here’s what makes it so special.

What is the Khalifa Kush cannabis strain?

Khalifa Kush is a high potency, indica-dominant cannabis cultivar. It drives from OG Kush, and has flowers that appear light green and gold in color, with slight purple accents. 

As the origin story goes, Khalifa Kush was originally an unnamed OG Kush cultivar that Berner from Cookies was growing. Wiz loved the strain so Berner gifted it to him. And so it was named Khalifa Kush. You can watch Berner tell the story in an interview with Hot 97.

Khalifa Kush was originally an unreleased strain that you couldn’t go out and get anywhere. It was meant to be exclusive to Wiz Khalifa and Wiz only. 

Over time, as with every strain that people try to keep secret, seeds and clones found themselves in various people’s gardens. Now there are various Khalifa Kush cultivars out there, though the real deal is still only available in select cities and dispensaries. 

According to the Khalifa Kush store locator on the brand’s website, to get the real deal Khalifa Kush from a legal cannabis store, you’d have to live in Arizona, Nevada, or Utah. Peep here to see if you can get KK in a store nearby. 

How to grow Khalifa Kush

You can’t really find too much information out there about growing Khalifa Kush. Nor are seeds really available for the general public to purchase. 

Some growers have a cut of the strain, but it was definitely obtained through a very insular network. Or stolen. 

That said, most information online about growing Khalifa Kush gives you suggestions based on how its parent, OG Kush, would be grown. I won’t waste your time by telling you how to grow OG Kush when you came here to know about that KK.

How does Khalifa Kush smell and taste

Like OG Kush and the majority of strains that have dominant Kush characteristics, Khalifa Kush has piney, citrus, funky, and somewhat gassy terpenes. 

According to Leafly’s verified strain data, the most abundant terpenes in Khalifa Kush are limonene, followed by myrcene and caryophyllene. 

In relation to the effects we feel from cannabis, limonene is thought to have uplifting qualities; myrcene is thought to produce sedative effects; and caryophyllene is thought to be the stress-relieving terpene. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why those that consume Khalifa Kush often get a long-lasting, spaced-out-in-creative-thought type of high. 

What do Khalifa Kush effects feel like

Personally, Khalifa Kush is a special one for me. I first tried it maybe four years ago and still remember exactly how it felt: chill. One of those strains that just puts you in good spirits no matter when you smoke it. And it’s stoney as hell too. You really get your money’s worth with this one. 

Generally, Khalifa Kush is expected to have effects similar to most OG Kush-derived strains. It’s a mix of heavy potency, relaxed effects, and a cerebral type of high. All in all, that means you’re going to be super high and super happy when consuming this strain. 

Both Weedmaps and Leafly’s strain databases suggest that Khalifa Kush’s top reported effects are relaxed, happy, and creative. 

Is Khalifa Kush a body high or head high?

Like all strains, whether Khalifa Kush is a body high or a head high largely depends on who smokes it and when. All humans have an individual endocannabinoid system that is responsible for processing the cannabis compounds that enter our bodies. 

Those individual endocannabinoid systems, and how certain strains, genetics, and products make your ECS react, are what decide if Khalifa Kush is a head or body high for you.

That said, it is often believed that Khalifa Kush will make you feel a head high more than a body high. Both type of highs have been reported though. 

Respect My Region says “Smoking some [Khalifa Kush] may create the most buzzing cerebral high you’ve felt in a while.”

Leafly reviewer m........d says “Very sudden yet powerful head high with a long lasting heavy body high..great hybrid for a chill Sunday” about Khalifa Kush.

Leafly reviewer v........n says “Starts off strong and heady, and gets stronger still. Later on spacy-ness and a fidgety body buzz came in."

In the end, these different effects show that Khalifa Kush can make us all feel a different way. The best way to know how smoking on some KK might hit you is to give it a try in small doses, and up the amount consumed as you see fit. Now go out there and smoke like a rapper.

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