I Thrived At My First Cannabis Dinner

Discovering all of the ways that cannabis can be consumed is the best part.
Discovering all of the ways that cannabis can be consumed is the best part.

Written by Erica Roane

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It was a typical Saturday in Manhattan’s Union Square. The farmer’s market vendors were packing up and with only an address in hand, I arrived at my very first Rosebud Supper Club event. After walking up 3 flights of stairs (I totally missed the elevator a few steps away) behind an industrial door, the familiar scent reminding us while we’re all here served as a prelude to an entire vibe.

An open layout, hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and flowy white curtains, the private venue was reminiscent of an oversized apartment of a 90’s movie set in New York City. With nearly a dozen dinner tables set to perfection, guests looked around in astonishment at how elegant the space was.

Over one hundred people gathered to explore the possibility of luxury consumption in the world’s largest cannabis consuming city. Joints were lit and pillows of smoke outfitted the space. For a person used to hitting a joint in an alley outside of the bar, this event was a complete 180. Guests represented every corner of the globe, and aisle for that matter. Some were from the DeBlasio Administration, others the Department of Justice. I met serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and fashion designers. Attending the dinner made me feel excited to be in a part of the country that’s on the cusp of legalization.

Throughout an eight-course meal, guests feasted on a family-style menu of infused foods. The featured THC strains of the evening were: New York Sour Diesel, Birthday Cake and Forbidden Fruit. Prepared by The Happy Chef NYC, delicate notes of cannabis could be detected in the vinaigrette of the summer salad while there were no traces of it in the seared chicken thighs. The strawberry shortcake was absolutely perfect, warranting at least two slices by most of the crowd.

As we nibbled on cannabis-infused beef tartar, ricotta toast, and sipped on infused gin-cocktails, some of the crowd mingled and networked. In all honesty, the majority of the guests were all lined up for the opportunity to explore RoseBud NYC’s pop up dispensary. Those familiar with Rosebud NYC can only imagine how awesome this experience was.

Discovering all of the ways that cannabis can be consumed was my favorite part. I never thought I would have enjoyed tasting cannabis in butter/chicken sauce. I thought of how I would love to experience cannabis dinners with friends. Attending opened my eyes about how entertainment and dining may look once full legalization takes place.

The privacy of the venue made the dinner that much more alluring. New Yorkers love the feeling of exclusivity. Since cannabis is yet to be legalized in New York, the event offered a Prohibition feel. Rosebud Supper Club gave a sneak peek of what the world of open cannabis consumption. Mysterious and sexy, even when cannabis becomes legal the speakeasy approach may be a marketing position we’ll see.

Are you interested in experiences the vibes too? Follow @Rosebud.NYC on Instagram. That’s where you’ll find information on how you can attend the next Rosebud Supper Club.