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How to Pack a Bowl? Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Cannabis Session

Ready to smoke a bowl? Are you packing it right?
Ready to smoke a bowl? Are you packing it right? /

Chances are if you’re a fan of The Bluntness, you’re already well aware how to pack a bowl. However, we’re always learning, and even the most experienced cannabis consumer can benefit from new methods and means of effective consumption. 

With legalization sweeping the nation and brands continuing to get creative, there are several ways to consume cannabis today. However, one of the most tried-and-true methods is to get your flower, break it down, pack it fat, and spark up. 

From mini throw-away pipes you can get at the gas station to bespoke designer bongs you have to pre-order months in advance, there’s a good amount of variety for what kind of bowl you want to pack.

Here are all of the best tips and tricks for packing your most successful bowl yet, no matter the apparatus. And whatever you're smoking/vaping out of, be sure to keep it clean!

How to Pack a Bowl: Pipe/One-Hitter

A pipe (glass or otherwise) is one of the most universal methods turned to for smoking cannabis, other than the classic rolled joint. If you’re cautious about the amount of weed you want to use at a time, you’re more likely to opt for a bowl rather than a joint, which can contain anywhere from half a gram to an eighth of weed, depending on how you roll. 

There is a good amount of variety within the pipe community, as far as size, price, and purpose. If you’re packing a bowl to share, you’re going to opt for a bigger, wider, deeper bowl space, but if you like to keep your smoke sessions quick and easy, you may benefit from using a one-hitter pipe or chillum, which is basically like smoking a reusable joint.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to live by when packing your pipe, no matter the form:

  • Grind your weed. This might sound obvious to you, but breaking your weed down by hand versus using an actual grinder makes a huge difference in the quality of your bowl. This will get you a smoother hit, and will allow your bowl to burn slower and more evenly, getting you as much bang for your buck as possible.

It will also help you avoid torching the entire bowl in one go, which is poor etiquette if you’re smoking with others. 

  • Pack with patience. We’ve all experienced that moment when you’re getting ready to smoke and you just can’t seem to get everything set up fast enough! But packing with patience is essential to a high-quality bowl. 

You have to find a healthy balance here that works for you--pack your bowl too loosely, and you end up with an instantly-torched top and sore lungs, but pack your bowl too tight and you’ll barely be able to draw a hit.

One notable key to success is to start every bowl off with a “nug plug” – a larger piece of cannabis just big enough to stop your finely-ground flower from getting sucked into the airflow. This helps you avoid wasting flower, or accidentally inhaling any of it (again, we’ve all been there). 

  • Carb is key. More often than not, your pipe will have a “carb,” a.k.a. that weird little hole on one side of the bowl’s base. The carb allows you to control the airflow as you’re inhaling, making for the perfect hit every time if you do it right.

Keep your finger over the carb as you inhale, and remove your finger right when you’re getting ready to clear the pipe.

How to Pack a Bowl: Bong/Bubbler

If you have a bong or a bubbler, your bowl-packing process will be pretty similar to that of a pipe, except for the added element of water.

Many consumers turn to bongs or bubblers because they tend to allow for smoother hits, which feels easier on the lungs overall. 

  • Grind your weed. I simply cannot state this enough.
  • Pack with patience. Ditto. 
  • Check for your carb. This is what distinguishes a bong from a bubbler: a bubbler combines both elements of a pipe and a bong. It’s usually smaller in size than most bongs, with a less powerful hit.

Some bubblers will also have a carb, so make sure to check for that before hitting one. A bong won’t have a carb – all you’ll have to worry about is lighting that bowl and clearing it, which can be quite a feat depending on the bong. Some bongs require you to remove the entire bowl in order to clear it as well, so make sure to keep that in mind. Bonus points if you add ice to the stem. 

How to Pack a Bowl: Dry Weed Vapes

Dry herb vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. They’re ideal for discretion, portability, and a strong, clean inhale, and they don’t pack as much of a punch as oil cartridges will. 

Like any bowl, there are a few secrets to success for packing your dry weed vape. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

  • Grind your weed finer. Basically, any time you’re smoking flower, grinding it beforehand is a good rule of thumb to guarantee inhalation success. But while you may want to avoid a finer grind with a piper or bong, you’ll do the opposite for dry  weed vapes. This will provide you with an even burn through the chamber.
  • Don’t pack too tightly. If your vape is packed too tightly, this may restrict air flow and render your hit pointless.
  • Make sure your weed is as dry as possible. This will allow for a smoother vaporization process and guarantee you with the best flavor. 

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