How Cannabis and Hip Hop Transformed Pop Culture

Hip Hop and cannabis have transformed culture together
Hip Hop and cannabis have transformed culture together / Photo Credit: Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

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The Cannabis industry has changed tremendously, and many people attribute hip-hop stars for bringing the pot smoking consumers to the mainstream. What many hip hop rappers have done is glorify getting high. They made it look cool to smoke weed and videos, and many of them have shown that they are doing more than just write lyrics when they talk about it in their rhymes.

They are not just bringing forth a storytelling method that they know nothing about. To the contrary, people that are writing rap songs about smoking weed are actually doing it. These artists that have become popular in hip hop culture they have made easy to build up businesses that sell different types of cannabis.

When you become ingrained in the music culture it becomes harder to escape the various references that are made to smoking marijuana. It tends to come up in in R&B and Pop songs. This is usually the result of a guest appearance from a rapper that may have a verse that has made it onto one of these songs. This type of crossover appeal gives the rapper a chance to speak freely about their use of marijuana and this is what has made it something that the culture has embraced.

This was a subject that was once taboo, but now it is possible to hear songs that make these type of references to marijuana on the radio. There are some funny songs that still have something of an incognito vibe, but it is definitely prevalent. In most cases people that do not even listen to hip hop can often distinguish some of the crossover artists like Snoop Dogg that have become known for smoking marijuana as much as they are known for their rap music.

This is often something that bridges the gap between artists that are in put this content in the music. It also bridges a gap between younger artists and older artists. What people are seeing more than anything is a shift in what is considered the norm. The number of artists that are embracing songs about marijuana is growing because there is a fight in politics for legalization. This is something that often makes headlines as it becomes ingrained in the music. It is a news topic that many rappers feel more than compelled to talk about.

In places where it is legal there are shops where weed is being sold. This is something that has become even more a part of the pop culture as the taboo that was once there is starting to fade away. It has become more accepted because there are rappers that have done entire albums about getting high. It is something that is joked about in movies. It has become a part of the daily lives of people that may have chronic pain from cancer or Crohn's disease. There are people that are still silent about their desire or their need to utilize marijuana for everyday life. What music has done is capture this reality.