Friend of The Bluntness: Ami Nicole, The Force Behind ACRONYM

Ami Nicole
Ami Nicole / Jessica Golich

Ami Nicole, best known by her moniker, ACRONYM, has strived to constantly create something new and engaging, bringing her vision and influence along the way. She is a multi-dimensional content creator and artist who does not stick to one niche.

ACRONYM has a passion for up-and-coming artists, and when throwing events in her home base of Detroit, her product: ‘Found In The Underground,’ showcases art of all mediums. She does it all - photographer, journalist, director, influencer, event and art curator, fashion designer.

We caught up with Ami Nicole, the force behind ACRONYM, to hear about her experience in the cannabis industry.

Why did you get involved in the cannabis industry? What motivates you?

I began dabbling in the Cannabis Space in 2016 when I became obsessed with CannaSmack’s brand. I photographed @happytokes and my love for it blossomed from there, content creating for myself and brands like Ooze, Magical Butter, ThoughtCloud, and even writing and photographing a piece for High Times Magazine for Hash Bash in 2017

I love the culture of the Cannabis Community, and the support that they offer is unlike any other. A lot of us are willing to support each other, even if some of us haven’t met in person. The internet is truly a blessing in many ways, and it motivates me to stay in touch and create with recommendations in my reviews of products, inspiring others to find their path in Cannabis and education for those who want to know about the benefits of Cannabis but don’t know where to start their search.

Can you tell us about ACRONYM?

I will start by saying that I’m terrible at niches because there are so many different things I enjoy doing! I’ve never believed or benefitted by limiting myself to just one thing. Given the Pandemic, I’ve seen first-hand that I made the right decision by being adaptable. ACRONYM is my creative headspace, and it’s become my name to people in a lot of circles rather than my byline of Ami Nicole, because people know me as this one-stop-shop of so many talents. Kinda makes me feel like Iron Man! 

I began as a Photographer. I handled anything from Portraits, Urban Exploring, and Concert Photography, which then launched me into the Film Industry and directing Music Videos (one of which landed an MTV, VH1 and BET feature). I also managed Brand Ambassadorships/Influencer Marketing, Cannabis work of all types, Art and Event curation, Digital and Clothing Design, and...writing and reporting journalistically on Concerts/Music, LGBTQ+ issues, Cannabis, Politics, and where Art and Business meet.

I have converted to my influencer portfolio, Cannabis ambassadorships, and all of the examples of work I’ve produced over the years for brands like TikTok (Partner Program), Citizen App, Beasley Media Group, and even Patron Tequila.

Ami Nicole
Ami Nicole / Jessica Golich

Where do you draw your inspiration? What is your mission?

I’m extremely inspired to do more by the feeling I get when I help others create. I’ve spent at least 10 years of my career helping to fulfill a lot of people’s dreams, whether it’s a photo session to elevate their brand, teaching them something new, or adding them to my Found in the Underground Festival & Art Showcase to expose their work to a larger audience. 

I’ve always believed in reaching back and helping others succeed, which a lot of people have tried to tell me is a waste of my time. [I'm often told] I should be focusing on myself, that maybe I’d get ahead faster, and that I’d make more money focusing on just me. Maybe that’s why I’m not as well known as some others in the space, but I also feel it’s fulfilling in emotional currency to be there as a leader, an inspiration, and a decent human being for those who look to me for that strength and showcase.

What do you hope people get out of ACRONYM?

At the end of the day, I always hope that I’ve left some sort of mark on the world. Whether that’s me showing someone that they can be an Entrepreneur while having Anxiety or Depression (leading by example as a Mental Health advocate), teaching others a topic or lesson that will help them in life, or simply being there to create joy or evoke emotion from my art and content that I produce. If I can make a better day or more informed life for someone with what I create, I am a success.

Where do you see yourself and the industry in 5 years?

Aggressive expansion, haha! As far as the Cannabis space, I want to partner with brands that are willing to partner with the “unconventional.” I’m not a thin beauty queen, and I have found that my “image” of being considered Plus Size has given brands the opportunity to look the other way in lieu of the bombastic babes, some of which don’t even live a full Cannabis lifestyle. But I do know that my talent speaks for itself, so I’m hoping to find brands that are willing to back a multi-creative workhorse.

I am also putting in work to be one of the leading Cannabis individuals on TikTok. Currently, as it stands, you run the risk of your video being removed if it shows smoke, product, or devices, but if you get extremely creative about it, you can openly TALK about Cannabis with no imagery. In time, I hope the restrictions on Cannabis loosen on the app, because it would be absolutely perfect to smoke and vibe together by duetting each other, as well as sharing products, ideas, and humor along the way.

The dream would be to work with more established brands for compensation to create and curate content featuring myself and others within the community, brand sponsorships for myself and for the festivals and events I throw, and to one day have my own CannaSmack scent, because that’s where the love of this all started! I’m thinking Vanilla or Coffee scented!

Beyond Cannabis, I want to continue photographing and reviewing Concerts when they return, expand my clothing line, have co-branded partnerships, represent brands as an ambassador, and to have the freedom to do all of these things monetarily. I’d also like to build out a school bus for unlimited travel adventures!

Ami Nicole
Ami Nicole / Jessica Golich

Anything else you'd like to share?

I want to take this opportunity to “signal boost” as an ally to the Black Community, and note that there’s a lot of hate and hostility going on in the world right now, but there’s also a ton of unity and peace happening during this difficult time with groups coming together to march for Justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many like them. Many of the news outlets have shared a lot of the bad, but there’s a lot of good circulating as all colors, ethnicities, and sexualities are standing together in unison and demanding change.

More than ever, we need to support each other, and also create avenues of understanding to where we can all co-exist with a much clearer view of who people are and what people need to thrive and survive. Right now, it feels like a war, and it’s absolutely scary and stressful, but much like psychology, eventually you have to fix the problem - not just bury it deeper. This is also a launching pad for many other causes that need to be rectified including the release of incarcerated individuals for Marijuana-based offenses. 

That being said, I hope we all come out of this with more love and clarity, while making changes for a better world moving forward. #BlackLivesMatter

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