Magic Johnson Jumps Into the Cannabis Industry with CBD Partnership

Earvin "Magic"Johnson, NBA Hall of Famer and CEO of the $1 billion dollar investment conglomerate Magic Johnson Enterprises, has announced a strategic partnership with Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD.

Uncle Bud's is one of the nation's leading providers of hemp and CBD health products, distributed in over 15,000 retailers nationwide.

This is the third major celebrity endorsement deal announced by Uncle Bud's as the company secured a brand partnership with Grammy award winning artist Toni Braxton in 2018 and actress/activist Jane Fonda to be their Wellness Ambassador in May of this year.

With this new partnership, Uncle Bud's now expands its health and wellness message to the sports category. Partnerships between CBD companies and sports have been in the news lately as the United Soccer League announced the first ever CBD sponsorship deal for a U.S. pro sports league, while Major League Soccer is likely to approve a similar sponsorship at the end of their regular season.

A Commitment to Health and Wellness with CBD

Uncle Bud's Co-Founder Garrett Greller; Earvin "Magic" Johnson; Uncle Bud's Co-Founder Bruno Schiavi
Uncle Bud's Co-Founder Garrett Greller; Earvin "Magic" Johnson; Uncle Bud's Co-Founder Bruno Schiavi / Photo Courtesy Uncle Bud's

Uncle Bud's Hemp and CBD was born out of a necessity for effective and accessible pain relief after Co-Founder Garrett Greller was diagnosed with arthritis at age 14. The inability to find an effective, natural and affordable treatment set him on a course to create Uncle Bud's.

The synergy between Magic Johnson and Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD products raises the bar to a new level as we share the love of the products and the history of the brand. Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD is thrilled to partner with Magic Johnson and educate folks about all the benefits behind the brand's vast collection of Hemp & CBD products.

Garrett Greller, Uncle Bud's Co-Founder

In a story in Business Insider, Johnson said that Greller's story drew him to get involved with the company.

The fact that he had arthritis at an early age, and he had that problem, but he found a solution for that problem. I'm the same type of guy. I like to find solutions to problems. He created this unbelievable company, Uncle Bud's, but it just wasn't a solution for him. He found a solution for a lot of people.

Earvin "Magic"Johnson

“I believe in Garrett and his vision that he has for the company, and how they have built this incredible company,” Johnson added. “What I like about the product line is [there’s] no THC, which is really important."

While he does not approve of THC containing products, Johnson does approve of CBD, according to the publication. He was introduced to CBD by his masseuse and has been using Uncle Bud’s products for pain relief.

“I’m 60 years old now,” Johnson said. “When you get older, you have aches and pains a little bit more than when you were younger. The products help me with my sore knees, as well as my tight back.”

The partnership with Uncle Bud's also serves Johnson's broader mission for Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Magic Johnson Enterprises is focused on identifying category leaders with quality products that are at an affordable price. I am impressed with the founder and leadership at Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD. Garrett has proven the effectiveness of the products and the company's commitment to serving diverse communities. I look forward to working with the team to grow the company even further.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

The Hemp and CBD market is projected to be valued at more than $20 Billion by 2024.

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