Divorce Cake: A Heavy, Relaxing, Sleepy-Time Strain

For most people, Divorce Cake is a great a way to wind down at the end of the day.
For most people, Divorce Cake is a great a way to wind down at the end of the day. /

The Divorce Cake cannabis strain was bred by one of the top cultivators in California: Jungle Boys.

Jungle Boys, also responsible for the beloved Mai Tai strain, is one of those companies that consumers look toward for high quality weed and the next big strains. Of those strains, Divorce Cake has grown into a legend of its own.

Here is some information about the highly regarded Divorce Cake, what it is, how it grows, how it smells and tastes, and what type of experience you can expect after consuming it.

What is the Divorce Cake strain

The original Divorce Cake is believed to be an indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing the old school legend White Widow with the new school legend Wedding Cake. 

The current version of it is believed to be a cross between a phenotype of the original Divorce Cake and Zkittlez varietal. 

Regardless of genetics, we do know that Divorce Cake was bred by Jungle Boys. Jungle Boys is a Los Angeles cannabis collective that have been killing the weed game since 2006.

Divorce Cake flower appears green with purple accents, and a very thick coat of white crystals. On the touch, it will be very sticky and resinous, a sign of its extremely high quality.

How to grow Divorce Cake

Divorce Cake is an in-house Jungle Boys strain, so there isn’t much information on growing it. 

For seeds, clones, and general growing tips about Divorce Cake, you’d have to go to them directly. With its strong Wedding Cake characteristics, some Wedding Cake growing tips could be helpful.

Wedding Cake is expected to be a pretty difficult strain to grow. It grows best indoors, and can have a flowering time between 7 and 9 weeks.

What does Divorce Cake smell and taste like

Divorce Cake is loved for its pungent odor and flavorful smoking experience. 

On Weedmaps, Divorce Cake its top three most reported flavors are sweet, vanilla, and slightly spicy. They also suggest consumers have detected a mix of citrus, fuel, and earthy. 

It goes to show that Divorce Cake has a very complex and unique terpene profile. On Leafly, Divorce Cake’s most dominant terpene is limonene.

What are the Divorce Cake effects

As with all cannabis strains, it’s important to remember that the effects we feel are largely based on our physical makeup and experience levels with cannabis. 

That means a sleepy strain could be a happy strain for someone else; and a lightly energizing strain could be a potently relaxing strain for someone else. Each human has an individual endocannabinoid system that dictates the way we respond to the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds in cannabis.

With that said, Divorce Cake is expected to be a sedative, i.e sleepy strain. It commonly has heavy effects that may leave consumers couch-locked. On Leafly, relaxed, happy, sleepy are Divorce Cake’s top three effects. On Weedmaps, Divorce Cake’s top three effects are happy, sleepy, and tingly. 

The effects of Divorce Cake may come on fast and strong, so if you’re new to cannabis, approach this one in smaller doses before going straight to bong rips and joints.

Is Divorce Cake a head high or body high?

Again, whether Divorce Cake is a body high, head high, or combination of both distinctions is largely up to you, your cannabis consumption habits, and your physical build. Disclaimer aside, most consumers expect Divorce Cake to provide a combination of both an uplifting head high and a sedative body high. 

Strain database AllBud states “As your cerebral state lifts, your body will begin to settle into a deeply relaxing buzzy state with couchlock and munchies galore” about the Divorce Cake experience.

Leafly Reviewer b........1 says “Very heady high that sinks to your torso in a creeper like state. Will definitely be buying again!!”

Leafly Reviewer T........9 says “this flower is able to put me on a head lock and being someone who suffers from adhd this is also great for those with that same struggle.”

A Proper High states that Divorce Cake’s high “is balanced between head and body, usually culminating into the ultimate high for zoning out. It's sleepy and buzzed in the body, making almost any snack into a luxury meal while knocking out your body aches.”

In the end, the differing reviews on Divorce Cake reinforces the truth that the effects we feel rom smoking weed are all about individual experiences. It’s a body high for some, a head high for others. Sometimes it’s both. The best way to know how Divorce Cake will affect you is to try the strain in various doses, through various consumption methods, and document the journey. Otherwise you’ll smoke so many other weed strains that you’ll forget how it felt over time.

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