Could Medical Marijuana Help With Parkinson's Disease Care?

Medical Community Split on how Cannabis Can Alleviate Parkinson's.
Medical Community Split on how Cannabis Can Alleviate Parkinson's. / Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

For over 20 years, researchers have studied the connection between cannabis use and Parkinson’s disease.

As marijuana legalization has become widespread, experts have analyzed the research and have come to mixed conclusions.

According to US News, experts found that Parkinson’s symptoms can be exacerbated by the typical side effects of marijuana. Cannabis use can cause diminished balance and drops in blood pressure, this is dangerous for people with Parkinson’s disease as they are predisposed to impaired movement and low blood pressure. Additionally, marijuana can increase muddy thinking and hallucinations.

While marijuana can augment negative symptoms, scientists believe it can help with symptoms like muscle and joint pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

US News spoke with James Beck, Senior Vice President of the Parkinson’s Foundation, to obtain more information:

If someone is looking to experiment, [pain, anxiety and insomnia] are reasonable things to think cannabis might be helpful for. But it's not going to help them with their tremors or the progression of their Parkinson's disease.

James Beck

According to the publication, Parkinson’s patients that use marijuana should begin with small doses and increase the quantity depending on how they are affected by the drug.

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