Cake Mix Strain: Why Is This One of People's Favorite Smokes?

Have you tried the cake mix strain yet?
Have you tried the cake mix strain yet? /

Another day, another Cookies strain that you might want to try. Cake Mix has been in the Cookies strain library for a couple of years now, and people are still clamoring for information about how it smells, tastes, and feels. If you’re one of those people, you’ve come to the right website.

Here’s what we know about Cake Mix and why it’s such a special strain.

What is the Cake Mix cannabis strain?

The Cake Mix strain is an indica-dominant cross of the famed Wedding Cake and London Pound Cake #75, hence the name. It was bred by the Cookie Family, like so many of our favorite strains today. Cake Mix is a high THC strain, frequently testing between 22 and 30% THC. Though bred by Cookies, Cake Mix is actually released under their sister brand, Lemonnade. Lemonnade is Cookies’ brand/line of (mostly) sativa-dominant cultivars.

Aesthetically, Cake Mix looks like some straight up dank with a mix of dark green colors, accented by dark purple tones. When grown properly, Cake Mix will be absolutely flooded with trichomes, which are the most important part of any cannabis plant. The trichomes house all the cannabinoids and terpenes provide the experiences we feel after consuming cannabis.

How to grow Cake Mix

Cake Mix is exclusive to Cookies, so there aren’t too many growers out there with it. Because of that, there isn’t too much information out there about how to grow Cake Mix, or its potential yields. That said, two growing-focused websites, AskGrowers and Wikimmj have some quick facts about the Cake Mix growing process. 

Both sites allege that Cake Mix grows best indoors. They suggest that Cake Mix has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks, and the result is a high yield of 16 ounces per square meter. While this information is helpful in a way, we won’t really know the best ways to grow Cake Mix, or how it grows and yields, until Cookies either releases the genetics, or speaks directly about Cake Mix production. 

How does Cake Mix smell and taste

Cake Mix terpenes can smell and taste a whole range of ways. Weedmaps says the Cake Mix aroma is vanilla with a wedding cake sweetness, and the flavor is silky, creamy frosting. Leafly lists Cake Mix aroma as lemon, citrus, and vanilla. 

The Cake Mix terpene profile features a heavy amount of caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Caryophyllene is believed to help relieve stress, anxiety, and pain; myrcene is thought to be sedative and pain-relieving; limonene is thought to be an uplifting mood enhancer. With those combinations of terpenes and potential effects, it’s easy to see why people love Cake Mix for both daytime and nighttime consumption. 

What do Cake Mix effects feel like 

On Leafly, the top three reported effects for Cake Mix are:

  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Talkative 

On All Bud, the top four reported effects for Cake Mix are: 

  • Cerebral
  • Energizing
  • Euphoria
  • Focus
  • Uplifting 

It shows you that Cake Mix is most definitely a social smoke for most people. On Weedmaps, the Cake Mix effects are listed as head high, perfect for daytime use.

About Cake Mix, Seattle-based Respect My Region says “I found that the high was perfect for getting my chores done around the house. I would definitely recommend the Cake Mix strain to those who like Indica strains to feel productive.”

Personally speaking, I’ve smoked the Cake Mix flower plenty of times. Fire. Hype aside, this strain is a real hitter for people that like to smoke throughout the day while getting work done. It made me feel more uplifted and focused than expected, with a productive relaxation that seems to be no match for mental demons. Cake Mix is definitely a feel-good strain.

Is Cake Mix a body high or head high?

When researching cannabis strains and their potential experiences, it’s important to always remember that all cannabis products make each individual person feel a different range of effects. Each human has an endocannabinoid system that processes the chemical compounds in cannabis. Considering that each human has a different physical makeup, it’s easy to see why Cake Mix might be a head high for some, and a body high for others.

That said, Cake Mix is most often a body high for people.

Leafly reviewer a........e “Elevates your mind while relaxing your body completely. I used this as a wake n bake and read for a little while and then did some yoga. I was very present but still felt that goofy type of stoned like OG makes you feel. A good Sunday morning strain. Highly recommend!”

Leafly reviewer G........s “It’s indica but it caused me zero anxiety. I usually stick to sativa but this was amazing stuff. Very great body high and some sleepiness and relaxing effects.”

In the end, the best way to know how Cake Mix will react with your body is to try it in various doses, and document the experience. It’s the only way to truly know the type of high certain strains and products will make you feel.

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