An Interview with MJ Unpacked’s George Jage

MJ Unpacked NYC April 26-28, 2023
MJ Unpacked NYC April 26-28, 2023 /

George Jage is a name that is synonymous with the cannabis industry. He is the founder and CEO of Jage Media, which is responsible for producing the MJ Unpacked Conference, one of the most influential cannabis events of its kind that places passionate cannabis retailers, brands, and accredited investors at the center of it all, with unique opportunities to connect, collaborate and access capital.

Ahead of the upcoming MJ Unpacked in NYC April 26-28, The Bluntness sat down with George recently for an episode of The Edge, a podcast from The Bluntness where we unpack real-world experiences and expertise of seasoned & successful cannabis professionals. You can watch/listen to the full episode here

As many of you reading this may already know, Jage has been a key figure in the cannabis industry for more than a decade. He has a deep understanding of the market and has been instrumental in bringing together industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Before founding Jage Media and the MJ Unpacked Conference, George Jage had an illustrious career in the media and trade show industry, including leadership positions with MJBiz and Dope Magazine.

Starting in 2014, Jage served as the President of MJBiz Daily, which is one of the leading news sources for the cannabis industry. During his time there, he was instrumental in growing the company into a multi-million dollar media organization that provides valuable news and insights to industry professionals worldwide.

Jage's experience in the cannabis industry also includes his time as the President and Publisher of Dope Magazine, a lifestyle publication focused on cannabis culture. Under his leadership, the magazine became a leading voice in the industry, reaching millions of readers across the United States. In 2018, Jage oversaw the sale of Dope Magazine to High Times magazine. The acquisition allowed Dope to expand its reach and audience, while also giving High Times access to Dope's unique cultural voice and perspective. Jage's success in leading the growth of Dope Magazine further demonstrates his deep understanding of the cannabis industry and his ability to create successful ventures within it.

He used this experience and knowledge to create Jage Media and the MJ Unpacked Conference, which provide a platform for industry leaders to come together, share ideas, and drive innovation.

The MJ Unpacked Conference is the flagship event of Jage Media. It is a three-day event that brings together industry leaders, brands, retailers and innovators from around the world to share their knowledge and insights. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including business, science, finance, policy, marketing and culture.

Jage's vision for the MJ Unpacked Conference is to create a platform for the cannabis industry that drives innovation, promotes best practices, and fosters collaboration and growth. He believes that by bringing together the most successful brands and brightest minds in the industry, we can unlock the full potential of cannabis and create a better future for everyone.

Jage is a true leader in the cannabis industry, and his success in the cannabis industry is a testament to his passion, hard work, and dedication. He is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and industry leaders everywhere, and his work will continue to shape the cannabis industry for years to come.

In conclusion, George Jage is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a significant impact on the cannabis industry. We can only expect more great things from Jage and his team in the future.

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