4 Cannabis Strains To Help You Check Off Your To-Do List

Cannabis cures for the distracted mind.
Cannabis cures for the distracted mind.

Lack of concentration in the modern world comes in many forms. Between social media, emails, algorithmic ads and day to day duties there's no room for a little space from distraction. In the modern-day wonder of medical cannabis has developed into a gateway into focus through developed strains.

Sour Diesel is a blend of cannabis in the Sativa strain. Sativa offers lower doses of CBD and higher doses of THC. At this potency, THC can help to relieve anxiety. As a major distraction to A-type individuals anxiety blocks high performers from focusing on the now instead with anxiety they worry about the future.

Northern Lights comes from the Indica strain. With this option, patients have found relief in their insomnia. Lack of sleep is a huge cause for stress and lack of concentration. Sleep is the primary rest period for our bodies to heal and regenerate poor tissues. Without it, the body will only take on more stress and lack of key functions. Insomnia relief will also go as far as to boost a positive mood once it is back under control through the use of a product like Northern Lights.

Golden Goat is stated to treat mental fog. Often times we lack concentration due to the lack of empty-headedness. Golden Goat remedies that lack. As a hybrid strain, this can offer the user the best blend of both the Sativa and Indica blends.

Ruderalis is grown in harsh climates and not very potent in CBD or THC, Ruderalis appears to be the poor farmer's version of a cannabis product to introduce to the market. This strain has not yet yielded a strong enough impact in relief in any area to be developed into a viable solution to lack of concentration, insomnia or even benefits from the treatments of chemotherapy.

As medical marijuana moves forward into the 21st century the medical industry will surely develop its strains to best treat peoples ailments. As a quick reminder here are the important elements to remember in each strain. Sativa has higher THC and lower CBD; producing a creative sort of anxiety-ridden state. Indica has higher doses of CBD and lower THC; typically to slow the mind function down and put the patient into a relaxed state. Hybrid strains seek to blend the best of both worlds between the Indica and Sativa. And lastly, while also being the least desired, is the Ruderalis. Due to its extreme climate growth this strain exhibits very low results across the board.