The Flow State: A Revealing Conversation with Cannabis Edutainer Brooke Burgstahler

Cannabis Education with Brooke Burgstahler, Budding Mind | Flow State Friday
Cannabis Education with Brooke Burgstahler, Budding Mind | Flow State Friday / Bluntness Media

The Flow State is a special video series presented by The Bluntness, featuring thought-provoking conversations with leaders and innovators throughout the cannabis industry.

In this episode, we were joined by Brooke Burgstahler, a cannabis writer, producer, actress, founder of the Budding Mind blog and host of cannabis news network World of Weed

A specialist in high-quality educational and entertaining content she’s coined “edutainment,” Burgstahler is an in-demand cannabis creator who covers everything from pop culture to politics, history, hot new brands, celebrity interviews, and the latest progress in social justice reform.

We discussed everything from her initial foray into cannabis journalism to her love of cannabis-infused lubricants, finding your passion at work, and the States Reform Act. 

The Bluntness Sits Down With Cannabis “Edutainer” Brooke Burgstahler

Like many of us in today’s industry, Burgstahler’s interest in cannabis started at a young age, when she was first introduced to the plant by a group of friends (shoutout to Joey with the whale tail tongue).

“I began my cannabis career as a consumer,” Burgstahler said. “It really opened my eyes to living life with a bit more emphasis on pleasure.”

Burgstahler initially moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, but once she arrived, she decided to find a way to merge her two passions – cannabis and entertainment – into one. 

After a quick stint as a cannabis delivery driver, Burgstahler got her start at Merry Jane as a journalist, which opened her mind to new possibilities within the industry.

“That was a really exciting step in a new direction for me, especially at that time. Creating cannabis content legitimately and getting paid for it didn’t seem like something I would ever be able to do, and once I was doing it, I never wanted to stop,” Burgstahler said.

Burgstahler’s Thoughts on the States Reform Act and The Power of Not Being an Expert

Thankfully, Burgstahler has stayed true to her word, developing Budding Mind and World of Weed to do what she does best: talk about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry in an all-encompassing, “edutaining” way.

“I want to talk about politics and legislation. I also want to talk about celebrity brands and terpenes, and scientific information that doesn’t even make sense to me,” Burgstahler told The Bluntness.

“With as many people that consume cannabis today, there are so many different directions you can go with information about the plant itself, so I dabble in a lot of different areas.”

Right now, Burgstahler is most intrigued by the States Reform Act and the effect it may or may not have on legal cannabis in the U.S.

“This particular bill – we’re a bipartisan nation, and no one can ever agree on anything in Congress. I’m stoked that the conversation is being introduced, or at least pondered, from both sides of the spectrum,” Burgstahler said.

“But I think it’s also important to note that I don’t consider myself an expert in a lot of ways. I am a voice for the plant, and I find great joy in taking nuggets of information from the farmers and the distributors and the brands…taking that information and distilling it into layman’s terms, because that’s what I am.”

As simple as this admission may seem, it’s crucial for cannabis advocates to stay honest about what they do and don’t know. In fact, the CannaBS Detector Podcast did an entire segment on this concept, and how if the industry doesn’t approach cannabis education honestly, we’re no better than Big Tobacco.

Cannabis and Sex, Following Your Moral Compass, and Being Honest About The Cannabis Stigma

For this reason, Burgstahler has committed her platform to honest, well-rounded cannabis journalism that really speaks to the truths of the industry: good and bad. 

This doesn’t just look like talking about legislation or the decades-long stigma against cannabis. Even within the industry, taboos remain that need to be broken – like openly discussing the intersection between cannabis and sex

“I’m a huge fan of cannabis-infused lubricants. Of all of the CBD products, topicals, ointments, and tinctures I’ve ever taken, using Foria for sexy time has given me some of the most profound results from cannabis…anything,” Burgstahler said when asked to discuss her favorite cannabis product. “Try it out, people.”

Another seemingly-simple admission, but cannabis and sex have both been stigmatized for far too long, despite the fact that almost every adult has experience with one or the other. Breaking down the walls that prevent us from having honest and necessary conversations like these is healthy, for both industries and for society as a whole.

While this level of fearless candor is certainly Burgstahler’s passion and niche, she urges everyone in the cannabis space to find what they’re truly passionate about and follow it to the end.

“Find your North Star, take hold of your moral compass, and try not to perpetuate the greenwashing of cannabis. Not every product is pristine and perfect and deserves to be put on a pedestal. Do your homework, do your research, and make sure you’re an advocate for this plant before you really get involved in this space,” Burgstahler said.

On the consumer side of things, Burgstahler urges people to do the same – especially those who’ve been anti-cannabis for a long time.

“Are you afraid of it, or has society made you afraid of it? If it is genuinely you that has the fear of the unknown, of an experience you can’t control, know that you don’t ever have to smoke weed,” Burgstahler said. 

Cannabis has long held the unfair reputation of being the “gateway drug,” and today’s cannabis advocates are eager to spread the word that, despite what “Reefer Madness” has told you, we literally don’t have an agenda – other than a much-needed shifted perspective. 

“It’s just as powerful to pass as it is to puff. Not everyone can have penicillin. Not every medicine is for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay.”

As for those who decide to puff rather than pass?

“I’d say go low and go slow. I’d recommend smoking first, because you can really control your dosage, versus an edible where it’s like, there’s no take backs, baby,” Burgstahler said.

“Try something that is high in CBD, or at least a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio, and find a great product that really excites you. Sungrown, organic, a brand with a story behind it that resonates with you…it will amplify the enjoyment of your experience.”

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