Fighting COVID-19 - Is Cannabis the Silver Bullet?

Can cannabis be a solution to coronavirus?
Can cannabis be a solution to coronavirus?

Could cannabis help reduce COVID-19 lung inflammation? Researchers say yes, according to Forbes.

From decreasing susceptibility to the disease to its use as an antiviral, scientists at the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute are now looking into the theory that the compounds cannabis could “help treat dangerous lung inflammation from the novel coronavirus,” the publication reported.

In an article published this month in “Brain, Behavior, and Immunity,” Forbes reported scientists are investigating the disease's patterns of extreme inflammation — a “cytokine superstorm” — which is responsible for the most common symptoms of the novel coronavirus (fever, cough, muscle pain and breathing difficulties).

Studies are looking at those medicines that reduce this “cytokine superstorm,” and — according to Forbes — many of these drugs have adverse effects, including pancreatic inflammation.

For this reason, and because cannabis can help alleviate anxiety, Forbes reports scientists are recommending more study into the power of the plant to fight COVID:

“While this doesn’t suggest cannabis should be considered a cure or treatment of COVID-19 on it’s own, it does suggest that it may have potential to help bring down inflammation and reduce anxiety in those suffering from the disease. But until more studies are done, this is just a well-supported theory. Direct experimentation is needed to bring us real answers.”

- Forbes

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