The Bluntness Breakdown: 3 CBD Chocolates Reviewed

Are CBD chocolates for you?
Are CBD chocolates for you? /

In the world of CBD, there seems to be a new product or brand every week. The search for CBD products that can aid migraine sufferers continues here at The Bluntness. We put our sweet tooth to the test, hoping that a piece of chocolate a day could keep the doctor away! 

What we found is that due to the way CBD chocolate is packaged, you’re unlikely to digest enough per piece for it to be effective, especially if you’re looking for any type of relief. With that said, if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy sweet treats, we’ve got some good recommendations below. 

Vital Leaf Classic Dark CBD Chocolate Bar

  • Dosage: 200mg per 10 bar serving. 
  • Taste: Dark chocolate is a hit or miss for migraine sufferers. It can help or it can cause our migraines. With that said, it’s worth the bite either way.
  • Packaging: Creative and luxurious. Vital Leaf has a variety of chocolate flavors and they’ve altered the packaging slightly to match the flavor. Super cute.
  • Price: $15. Packaged as a chocolate bar.

Vena Full Spectrum Milk Chocolate CBD

  • Dosage: 2MG THC per piece. 10 pieces of milk chocolate per bag. 
  • Taste: Delish. Because it’s milk chocolate, its taste is mild enough that it's easy to combine it with your other favorite chocolate treats… say, peanut butter cups? 
  • Packaging: Pretty enough to be a present. Each piece of 10 is wrapped in rose gold and comes in a resealable bag. 
  • Price: $39.95 for 10 individually wrapped pieces

Sugar & Kush Cookies N Cream Chocolate Bar

  • Dosage: 250mg per 12 bar serving. THC-free. 
  • Taste: Decadent. Smooth, rich, and creamy. 2-3 squares from this bar is enough to give you a sugar rush. 
  • Packaging: Old-school chocolate bar wrapper. Pretty, attractive branding. 
  • Price: $7.99 per bar or $19.99 for a variety pack. Packaged as individual chocolate bars. 

The Bluntness Breakdown: CBD chocolates are a nice treat that may mellow you out ever so slightly – if your body is not already acclimated to THC. For me, CBD chocolate just didn’t make the cut to add to our migraine-relief toolkit. If you personally have had a different experience, we’d love to hear from you. Find us on social media and send us note! In the meantime, get out there and test, test, test. Find out what works for your body. 

[Disclaimer: As always, before starting any new regimen, we suggest consulting a doctor. We are not medical experts and these statements have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.] 

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