The Cannabis Patch: Everything You Need To Know

For general relief, apply the cannabis patch to your ankle or wrist.
For general relief, apply the cannabis patch to your ankle or wrist. /

Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational and medicinal drugs in the world today. According to reports from the UN, more than 158 million people use marijuana. This amounts to 3.8% of the total population. 

Part of the reason for the growth in popularity is likely due to the changes in legality in places such as America. Nineteen states across the US have now legalized the drug for recreational purposes. People are no longer confined to only using the drug for medicinal purposes. 

Part of the appeal of cannabis is that it fits with a wide range of lifestyles. It can be used in different forms including a patch. In this article, we’ll run down everything that you need to know about the cannabis patch. 

What Is A Cannabis Patch?

If you already know about nicotine patches, then you’ll have a firm grasp of what a cannabis patch is. It’s the same product however, instead of a transdermal stick that is infused with nicotine, it’s infused with cannabinoids. These products can be quite difficult to find on the market and for that reason, many cannabis users are completely unaware that the products exist. 

How To Use A Cannabis Patch

Using a cannabis patch is simple. It must be placed on a veiny part of your body such as the top of your foot or the inner wrist. Once it is stuck to your body, the patch will release cannabinoids into your bloodstream. This can continue for between 12 and 96 hours. So, rather than using countless supplements over a day or several days, this patch will provide you with the regular hit that you are looking for. The patch can slowly release more than 100mg of cannabinoids into your bloodstream. 

There are lots of benefits of using a product like this which we’ll discuss a little further down. 

Does A Cannabis Patch Deliver A Strong High?

Before you decide to purchase a patch, it’s important to be aware that a product like this is not intended or designed to give a strong high. 

The patch is made of cannabinoids. This could include:

  • CBG
  • CBN
  • CBD 
  • THC 

Since the endocannabinoid system is triggered using a product like this, you are going to experience relief. However, they will not provide the best entourage effect. This is a theory that suggests that all the compounds that are present in cannabis work better and provide a stronger high when taken together. Due to this, cannabis patches won’t be suitable for those recreational users who are looking for that perfect high. There are other alternatives that will be more beneficial. 

Who Are Cannabis Patches Going To Benefit The Most?

Anyone can use and potentially benefit from transdermal cannabis patches. However, the people who are going to see the greatest benefits are going to be those who are either in pain or need help with another problem such as getting a good night of sleep. 

Research has shown that cannabis can be an effective option for people who are suffering from insomnia or those who are dealing with significant levels of pain in their life. 

It’s important to note that you can still experience the psychoactive effects that are related to THC when using cannabis patches. However, the high that you may experience won’t be on the same level as the experience that you might receive from either vaping or smoking cannabis products. 

As such, it’s perhaps best to view cannabis patches through the lens of an alternative to either topicals or tinctures. The high may be present but it’s not the purpose for using the product. Instead, these are largely used to help treat symptoms that individuals may be experiencing. Chronic pain is perhaps one of the best examples of a condition where a cannabis patch could be useful because the impact can be spread out throughout the day. 

The Big Benefits Of A Cannabis Patch

There are numerous benefits of using cannabis patches. The first is that this is an incredibly subtle way to use cannabis. Instead of vaping or taking a supplement, a cannabis patch will allow you to start using it in the morning and gain benefits without any further measures during the day. It’s incredibly user-friendly. 

It’s also great if you want a hands-off approach that provides long-lasting effects. For instance, you might want to gain the medicinal benefits of cannabis while you are lying in bed, trying to get some sleep. A patch will provide these benefits without you needing to sit up or take a gummy. You can just chill and let the patch slowly provide you with the relief that you are looking for. This is another reason why it’s often used for pain relief. 

A patch also hits your bloodstream directly. When you use tablets or oils, a large amount of the cannabis product is lost due to waste. As such, you’re not getting the greatest impact. Your digestive system can break down a product like cannabis and reduce the benefits that it could bring. 

Since a patch hits the bloodstream, the digestive system isn’t given the chance to do this. That’s why it can be so effective as a form of pain management or a way to treat conditions such as insomnia. They may also be more effective compared to topicals which are largely designed to provide relief in a specific location. 

Are There Any Significant Problems With Using A Patch?

The main concern with using a patch is that it can lead to a positive test result for cannabis in the system. This is again because it pushes it directly into the bloodstream. So, if you are in a position where you need to take regular drug tests for work and the use of cannabis is not approved, then it’s best to steer clear of using patches. There are other options that will be more suitable for you and will provide a shorter impact on the body. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to know about the cannabis patch. This can be a great choice for some users. Particularly those who are looking for relief from either acute or chronic pain. 

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