9 Crazy Benefits of Hemp Fabric

This article will make you wonder: where is the demand for hemp fabric?
This article will make you wonder: where is the demand for hemp fabric? / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Knowing that there are some cool benefits of hemp-based products, such as hemp protein powder and foods, what about the benefits of hemp fabric?

Hemp fabric has a wide range of benefits from being better for your health to being longer lasting.

The challenge is that few people know about these benefits and why hemp is such a great source for clothing, rope, personal accessories, and more.

What Is Hemp Fabric?

Hemp is a botanical variety that is cultivated from the Cannabis plant. It contains very low levels of THC and due to that, it is legal to sell multiple hemp products worldwide. 

There are various hemp products on the market from foods to fabrics. 

Hemp fabric is made using the stalks of Cannabis plants and was first derived in Asia and the Middle East. It has been recently recognized for its profound benefits. It is made using the outer layer of the stalk, which offers rope-like fibers. These are stripped and processed into ropes or yarn and when complete, it offers a similar texture to cotton.

The 9 Crazy Benefits Of Hemp Fabric

On that note, let’s take a look at the crazy benefits of hemp fabric that you probably aren’t aware of.

1. Naturally pest-resistant

Hemp is a natural botanical known to repel bugs and pests. It is therefore considered to be a great option for those who want to use pest-free products. You won’t have to worry about your fabrics being infested with pests and the outer layer of stalks is used, which is the most repellent part of the plant.

2. Durable and stronger

Hemp is considered to be one of the strongest natural plant fibers on the market for making fabrics. It is four times more durable than other natural fibers and therefore, can withstand more pressure and tension. For instance, if you are looking to create an extremely durable rope from natural materials, then hemp fabric is a good answer.

Thanks to it being more durable and withstanding, it is therefore much stronger. Therefore, it will be ideal for anyone looking to make bags and pouches that need to carry and transport heavy materials. The natural hemp fibers are also resistant to mold, which will help the fabric stay in better condition for longer to offer reduced damage and better reliability.

3. Longer-lasting

On the topic of being resistant to mold, hemp fibers are considered to be much longer-lasting than other natural fibers. Seeing as the fibers are strong and durable, they are less easy to damage and rip apart, which will mean that whatever you make with the hemp fabric, will last you a long time.

4. All-natural

Hemp is derived from the Cannabis plant, which is a naturally grown plant. It contains a legal amount of THC, a very minimal amount of 0.3% or less. If you are someone who likes to use natural materials, then hemp is a great answer.

5. Highly absorbent and breathable

Hemp materials are great at absorbing moisture, which makes them a great material if you want to make something breathable. It is a great option for clothing as will feel as close to cotton as you can imagine after being processed.

6. Doesn’t smell

Due to the hemp fabric being more breathable and easily absorbent, it is less likely to smell. Therefore, it is a great option for making clothes as the material won’t cling onto dirt or sweat and end up smelling after a few hours of wearing it. 

Thanks to it being breathable and non-smelly, this makes it easy to care for and will require less frequent washing. Washing machines have a significant impact on the environment and the need to use them less will further enhance the sustainability of the fabric.

7. Sustainable and renewable

Thanks to the Cannabis plant being natural and easy to harvest, hemp fabric is extremely sustainable. With the world looking to be more sustainable, hemp fabric is a great option to produce clothes, bags, ropes, and more. Instead of using man-made synthetic materials, it is best to use naturally derived sources such as hemp as they have minimal impact on the environment. 

Moreover, hemp is a highly renewable source. Renewable sources are best for the environment as they can be naturally grown. Hemp can be grown in many countries across the world. Anywhere with the right heat and humidity can produce hemp. The botanical grows fast and around three times a year in the right climate, which means that a lot of hemp fabric can be made to replace non-renewable options.

8. Anti-microbial

Using hemp fabric is highly beneficial for your health as much as the environment thanks to its anti-microbial properties. Manufacturers have found that hemp has secondary metabolites, which regulate and deter bacteria so that the fabric maintains its condition and safety. With bacteria rates increasing, it is a good idea to use fabrics that offer anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to maintain your health and safety.

9. Minimal environmental damage

Due to the easy and simple processing of hemp into the fabric, there is minimal damage to the environment when making rope, clothes, and more. From cultivation to creating products, there is little manual labor needed to make hemp fabric, which makes it a better option for the health of the environment. 

Hemp is a remarkable material. It is all-natural and offers as many health benefits as it does for the environment. With it being strong, long-lasting, breathable, and non-smelly, it is a great option to use for clothing and more items. It will feel as close to cotton when processed correctly, which gives you even more reason to use natural and sustainable sources, like hemp, to produce your clothes. 

With the world turning to more eco-friendly and sustainable options for their everyday lifestyles, hemp fabric will likely rise in popularity in years to come. The likes of hemp food and beauty products have recently increased in demand. Therefore, hemp fabric is likely right behind it thanks to its crazy health and environmental benefits.

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