WATCH: Tornadoes Tear Apart Oklahoma Cannabis Farm

WATCH: Tornado hits marijuana grow farm near Maud
WATCH: Tornado hits marijuana grow farm near Maud / KOCO 5 News

Multiple tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma on Wednesday.

Authorities have yet to report any injuries, however a KOCO news helicopter did capture footage of a twister tearing up the cannabis greenhouses at Imagination Farms in Maud, Oklahoma.

The footage has made national headlines because … cannabis.

It’s not ever day we see a cannabis farm torn asunder by deadly cyclones. Usually, it’s the DEA tearing these herbal plants out of the ground.

And maybe this tornado episode caught on video is a first for the legal industry?

As you watch the footage and maybe even share it with your friends and followers, it’s important to remember a few things.

#1) This is someone’s livelihood

Cannabis operators deal with extremely thin margins due to high taxes, IRS code 280-E, and strict regulations.

That makes a blow like this all the more devastating.

Owner Tom Lee said he has around 30 employees who live and work on the farm. Fortunately, nobody was injured, however 95 percent of their crops were destroyed.

Hopefully, Imagination Farms will recover in time for the next growing cycle.

#2) Supply issues for medical cannabis patients

The other big concern here revolves around medical cannabis patients in the area.

The lost crop will no doubt create local supply chain issues. The actual impact on supply and demand remains to be seen.

Bottomline: the vulnerability of cannabis cultivation sites is an overlooked concern in a lot of markets.

From the potential of ransomware cyber attacks locking up compliance software or automated grow systems, to inadvertent contamination wiping out entire crops, or in this case: dangerous weather events.

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