The Pepsi Challenge, Reimagined For Cannabis – And Charity: Can You Tell If Your Weed Is Sungrown?

#SungrownChallenge / Flow Kana

This article was originally published by Javier Hasse on Benzinga and appears here with permission.

California cannabis brand Flow Kana is sparking consumer and media conversation with its #SungrownChallenge campaign, which launched across social media last week and will soon be appearing on over 200 California dispensary screens.

Inspired by the famed Pepsi Challenge and the 1976 Judgement of Paris whereby French wine critics blind-tasted the best of French wines against the best of the then-emerging California wines. The #SungrownChallenge features a who’s who cadre of 28 blindfolded cannabis journalists, critics, social media influencers and industry leaders sampling California’s top-selling sungrown flower against California's top-selling indoor flower.

For every share of the #sungrownchallenge video on social media, Farmer’s Reserve by Flow Kana will donate $5 to Planting Justice, a California-based nonprofit focused on “food justice and community healing through planting, growing, and harvesting healthy food.” The donation will cap at $10,000. 

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