Pandemic Hurts Illegal Cannabis Market

Legal cannabis shops have boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic, while illegal dealers have been hurt by the effects of the pandemic, this according to Politico.

Legal stores have taken advantage of the situation by starting curbside pickups and deliveries.  Additionally, Americans are smoking more often amid stay-at-home orders.

It’s understandable that people may be more hesitant to get their products from sources that are unregulated. They may not want to go to their dealer’s house, or they may not want to have their dealer come to their house, at a time when people are social distancing and not supposed to be interacting with people that they don’t know.

Kris Krane, CEO of 4Front Ventures

According to Politico, cities that previously did not allow marijuana stores, even in states where marijuana is legal, are rethinking their laws in order to create new tax revenue.  More people than ever have registered as medical marijuana patients, also helping improve the market.

It is difficult to find credible sales figures on illegal marijuana sales, however close industry watchers believe that more Americans are being pushed towards legal markets due to the current circumstances.

Read the full story on Politico.

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