Top 11 Cannabis Dispensaries in Massachusetts

What's your favorite Massachusetts dispensary and why?
What's your favorite Massachusetts dispensary and why? /

Looking for a Massachusetts dispensary?

Adult-use cannabis has been legal in Massachusetts since 2016, and the state has worked hard throughout the past six years to expand and establish its approach to the legal market.

As a result, Massachusetts’ cannabis has skyrocketed in quality since its underground days, and it boasts a wide variety of dispensaries that offer several high-quality and beneficial products for consumers in need. 

This roundup features some of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts, from product availability, quality, and diversity to customer service and significant emphasis on culture, community, and much-needed equity in the industry.

1. Happy Valley

With locations in East Boston and Gloucester, Happy Valley is one of the most popular and well-known cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts. The dispensary has their own line of cannabis products, including concentrates, edibles, flower, pre-rolls, vape oils, and wellness products, all grown at their Gloucester cultivation facility.

The company is committed to cannabis community nurturement, and they vehemently support the decriminalization and legalization of the plant throughout the U.S. through philanthropy, sustainability, mental health and wellness awareness, and cultural initiatives.

One such initiative is Happy Valley Experiences, where the team partners with some of the best local musicians, artists, concerts, venues, and festivals to marry music to cannabis in a way that is exclusive to their community.

2. Harbor House Collective

Harbor House Collective is a vertically-integrated cannabis company that operates out of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Described as “just buds, growing buds,” Harbor House is a minority-owned company that grows, manufacturers, and retails premium, genetically-driven cannabis out of their Chelsea facility.

The team primarily employs cannabis experts from the local community, mainly consisting of Latino operators with the ultimate goal of uplifting and supporting minorities in the space. 

Harbor House focuses heavily on genetics: their cultivation team handpicks each strain to ensure it’s been hunted and grown to their high quality of standards, honing in on terpene profiles, potency, and overall consumer appeal.

3. Greatest Hits Cannabis Co.

Based in Dudley, Greatest Hits Cannabis Co. is all about providing an authentic experience and an array of cannabis education for any level of consumer who walks through their doors. The dispensary offers a carefully curated selection of flower, CBD oil, concentrates, topicals, and a wide range of edibles that appeal to newbies and seasoned vets alike.

Greatest Hits has locations in Dudley, Taunton, and Lynn, and is constantly on the hunt for “long-haired freaky people” to join their growing team.

4. Olde World Remedies

Olde World Remedies has coined itself “The North Shore’s Best Recreational Marijuana Menu,” and devoted consumers who frequent the Lynn location seem to agree.

 The dispensary offers every type of cannabis product, along with a variety of cannabis accessories. They’re also passionate about inclusivity, offering education for new consumers and a constantly rotating product choice that proves the team is listening to who walks in the door and what they’re looking for.

5. Gentlemen Smugglers

One of the largest cannabis smuggling rings in America that dominated the East Coast trade from 1971-1986, the Gentlemen Smugglers are back and this time they’re legal.

Their mission is unabashedly to support the end of cannabis incarceration, with a portion of their flower sales going to the Last Prisoner Project. Their products emulate the dominant strains of the ’70s and ’80s, mixed with the highly-educated quality of today’s cultivation game.

Check out our new feature on the Gentlemen Smugglers story.

6. Pure Oasis

Pure Oasis isn’t only the first adult-use cannabis dispensary to open in Boston – it’s also the first adult-use dispensary to open in a major East Coast city. With two years and counting as the “Best of Boston” dispensary to watch according to Boston Magazine, Pure Oasis boasts a user-friendly experience that welcomes new consumers and old ones alike with a knowledgeable staff and wide variety of products.

The brand offers their own line of products as well, including flower and pre-roll blunts and joints.

7. Berkshire Roots

Based in Pittsfield, Berkshire Roots is an award-winning dispensary with some of the best cultivation and extraction products in the state. The location began as medical-only in 2018, transitioning to service all adult-use consumers in 2019.

The summer of 2020 was transformative for Berkshire Roots, when they opened their Boston location to service the major increase in consumer demand due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders. 

Since then, the team has only continued to grow and expand, and prides itself on their contributions to supporting the industry and the global destigmatization of cannabis.

8. Triple M Dispensary

Inspiring wellness at every Massachusetts-based location, Triple M Dispensary has a major and commendable presence in the Old Bay State.

With both adult-use and medical-only dispensaries,  Triple M continues to understand the importance of medical patients and offering them an extended level of attention and care.

All Triple M products are locally grown and processed, sold by a staff of individuals who are highly passionate about the plant and sharing their knowledge with consumers and patients in need.

9. Panacea Wellness

Panacea Wellness Dispensary is located in Middleborough, Massachusetts, where it offers exclusive, expertly-crafted cannabis products to consumers and medical patients alike.

Like many dispensaries in the Northeast, Panacea Wellness remains dedicated to their medical patients first and foremost, ensuring they receive curated and attentive treatment based on their various needs.

They also make sure to provide quality service to their adult-use consumers, and boast an overall supply of flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles, vapes, topicals, concentrates, and apparel and smoking accessories (for the vibes).

10. NETA Brookline

NETA Brookline believes big cannabis should make a big impact: culturally and socially, with the intent of destigmatizing the plant and placing a spotlight on the continued need for social equity and inclusivity throughout the legal industry. 

The team commits a portion of their resources to advocating for fundamental change, creating pathways for entrepreneurs of color, collaborating with Black Cannabusiness to create an educational series on the need for increased minority ownership in cannabis, and much more. 

NETA Brookline worked to create the “CEO Intensive,” a free six-week executive-level immersive series that empowers minority cannabis owners to thrive via leadership training and business curriculum focusing on finance, risk management, products, customer experience, marketing, and sales.

11. Theory Wellness

With locations in Massachusetts and Maine, Theory Wellness is an increasingly-well-known medical and adult-use cannabis dispensary servicing the Northeastern region. 

The team is highly passionate about cannabis and the important role it plays in improving people’s lives. Theory Wellness cultivates their own cannabis products with a hybrid approach: indoors in Bridgewater and outdoors in Sheffield. 

Medical patients can also enjoy at-home delivery for their product selection, and the team has an overall focus on small batches and unique genetics for each cannabis product they put out.

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