7 Reasons We're Pumped for MJBizCon in 2022

This year’s MJBizCon is right around the corner! The 11th-annual gathering of roughly 35,000 cannabis industry professionals takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Nov 15-18, 2022. 

The award-winning show is a global magnet for major influencers throughout the industry, and we can’t wait to hangout with the community, reunite with old friends, and connect with some of the most influential people in cannabis today. 

Are you as pumped as we are?

Below are seven major reasons we’re so excited to connect with the wider cannabis network, Las Vegas-style:

1. The Sessions

Of course, the main draw (and purpose) of the convention are the industry sessions,  which provide invaluable insights from seasoned (and newer) experts throughout the cannabis vertical. 

There are over 150 sessions for attendees to explore at MJBizCon, each speaking to and delving into a different aspect of the industry. This includes content for: cultivation, manufacturing, processing, retail, hemp/CBD, new-to-the-industry professionals, investors (both institutional and accredited), and lawyers. 

In regards to the session content, we’re particularly excited about the speakers who will explore the potentials of psychedelics, the finance forums (which will present statistics on the frequent banking issues that plague cannabis operators and offer thought-out solutions for working with them), and the science symposiums that dare to explore the plant and its varied traits even deeper than we already have. 

But above all else, we’re looking forward to staying curious and interested in the entirety of MJBizCon’s presentation, as every session holds a distinguished importance that could make all of the difference for a cannabis operator or employee to consider.

2. The Vendors and Exhibitors

Outside of the sessions, there will be plenty of exhibitors (over 1,400) to check out, along with vendors who are there to keep people entertained, engaged, and nourished throughout the eventful days. 

For the first time, MJBizCon has organized its exhibitors into four distinct segments: cultivation products and services; processing, packaging, and label services; retail and dispensary services; and business services.

This is the industry’s chance to really connect: for retailers to find new suppliers, for cultivators to connect with more manufacturers, and for emerging brands to find everything they need to come together in a one-stop-MJBizCon-shop. 

The convention will also offer attendees an “Exhibitor Spotlight Theater,” which will provide on-the-floor education to those who are interested. This streamlines the exhibit walk – which would otherwise be confusing, overwhelming, or just straight-up tiring – for everyone involved.

3. The Outdoor Experiences

Another new feature at this year’s MJBizCon are the “outdoor experiences,” which will include DJs spinning tunes, enticing food trucks, lounging amenities, a 360-degree photo booth (hey, that’s us!), and classic outdoor games.

Although the session content is incredibly important – especially at an industry business conference – the opportunity to recharge in between content is just as imperative (if not more). If you’re attending MJBizCon, make sure to set aside ample time to check out the Patio, unwind a bit, and maybe even smile for the camera at the photobooth.

4. The Community

MJBizCon wouldn’t be MJBizCon without its attendees, and we can’t wait to connect with as many of you as possible. 

The Bluntness exists to tell important, moving cannabis stories – to elevate the wise voices in our community who deserve to be heard as prominently as anyone else. If you have a chance to find us, we’d love to chat with you and learn more about how you contribute to this industry and community so many of us are fighting to uphold and respect.

5. The Meet-up Spots

Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to connect at MJBizCon, from the networking events to the more casual approach of chatting peers up at the lounge areas.

We’re definitely excited to personally connect with as many people as possible, but we’re also thrilled about the idea of any inter-industry connections that might take place at MJBizCon.

If we want to strengthen this industry, we must continue to listen to each other, consider each other’s experiences and opinions, and do what we can to help each other out as cannabis inches closer and closer to normalized integration. 

That being said, let’s talk about it.

6. The Affiliated Events

What would a business convention be without a great lineup of affiliated events?

Connecting with conference attendees outside of the buttoned-up business environment is one of the best ways to really engage, so we highly recommend going to as many affiliated events as possible, like the PSYC’d for MJBizCon kick-off event on November 15 or the Sensi Soiree on November 16.

7. The First-Timers

The thing we are hands-down the most excited about for this year’s MJBizCon? The first-timers.

Every aspect of the industry will have people in attendance who are new to cannabis, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our world. If you’re a first-time MJBizCon attendee, we recommend taking your time, absorbing as much as you can, and checking every corner of the convention center for opportunities for education and growth.

And remember: from now on, you can stay plugged into the cannabis world by regularly checking in with us at thebluntness.com.

See you in Vegas!

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