Chil Debuts Chil Mixers with the Help of UNA MAS Cocktails

Pratt has created a series of mocktails with UNA MAS Cocktails to debut California's newest edible.
Conrad K. Pratt's Berry Melon Refresher for Chil Mixers

California cannabis company Chil is proud to debut Chil Mixers, and to introduce this new cannabis edible, the company is teaming up with expert mixologist Conrad K. Pratt of UNA MÁS Cocktails.

Available now in select California cannabis dispensaries, Chil Mixers have a speedy onset (only 15 minutes), so consumers can get their Chil on fast. Plus, this new product mixes with any drink - hot or cold - so you can customize your Chil experience any way you like.

Chil Mixers Available Now
Chil Mixers Available Now

Other Chil Mixers highlights:

•. The product is currently available in three flavor variations - watermelon, lemon and a flavorless formula called Budnaked

•. Each serving is perfectly dosed with 5-10mg THC per packet so you have full control over your Chil

•. Chil Mixers are discreet and individually packaged so you can take them anywhere
•. Chil Mixers are reasonably priced. For the price of a cup of coffee, you get a single pack, or stock up and pay $25-$30 for a 10-pack

To celebrate the debut of their newest product, Chil has teamed up with expert mixologist Conrad K. Pratt of UNA MÁS Cocktails for a Live Virtual Happy Hour at 6:30 p.m. PST on July 9.

During the Happy Hour, Pratt will be sharing his custom Chil Mixers mocktails - like the Watermelon Chil Mixeers Cosmo - which are free of alcohol.

Conrad K. Pratt's Cosmo
Conrad K. Pratt's Cosmo

The Chil team is willing to bet that favorite bottle of rosé will be taking a backseat to a Chil Mixers Cosmo or Margarita for the time being after consumers learn more about this versatile new edible.

Pratt has already produced several videos showcasing various recipes. They can be viewed here.

Sign up for the July 9 Live Virtual Happy Hour here. Be sure to follow Chil on Instagram to catch the event.