The TeeHC Open: A Fun Spin on Your Typical Cannabis Industry Event

Courtesy of Joint Venture & Co. and the Cannabis Creative Group

Let’s be honest, some cannabis industry events just don’t live up to the hype or frankly feel a bit too business-focused. A bunch of cannabis professionals gathering in one location does not automatically make a good “cannabis industry event”. 

People use cannabis to have a good time and connect with others during gatherings or events. We have also seen it in other industries like spirits and alcohol, where they embrace an event more focused on having a good time, while the connection and B2B relationship building becomes a natural part of the comradery. 

So why isn’t this focus on the fun factor more common among the cannabis industry?

Joint Venture & Co. and the Cannabis Creative Group look to fix this narrative and bring a bit of creativity and fun to cannabis industry events. 

Cannabis and Golf?

Golf tournaments, for instance, have been a part of the corporate world for decades, serving as a key networking opportunity, so it seemed only natural to merge the cannabis world with this longstanding corporate events scene. 

Their latest event “The TeeHC Open” serves as a prime example of how cannabis networking events are progressing into a more legitimized space while still tapping into the fun-spirited roots of cannabis. This cannabis golfing event co-hosted at Highfields Golf & Country Club in Grafton had plenty of activities for both golfers and non-golfers including cannabis-themed trivia, impromptu mini golf, and an “air-cannon challenge” with a $10,000 prize for a hole in one. 

Courtesy of Joint Venture & Co. and the Cannabis Creative Group

The best part of this event: people in attendance were actually able to consume openly because of the outdoor setting. Open consumption is lost on many cannabis events and one that we would like to see more of with the rise in consumption lounges and public use becoming more accessible and accepted in certain areas. 

Being able to consume and enjoy the products that many of these companies worked so hard to create not only provides a much-needed release from work, but also helps form bonds among fellow cannabis professionals through the sharing of products and ideas.

Changing the Narrative About Cannabis Events

“There’s something that we’re actually doing that’s more engaging than just a six-foot table at a traditional networking show,” said Ann Brum, CEO and founder of Joint Ventures, who was excited to bring this unique experience to all the different vendors and cannabis professionals in attendance. 

Ann wants to see more cannabis events like these moving forward because she believes they leave more meaningful impressions on the people who are involved.

| Courtesy of Joint Venture & Co. and the Cannabis Creative Group

With many in attendance ranging from the Root & Bloom Farms to Dr. Marion McNabb, the president of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, the general consensus was that events like these where people can genuinely connect are vital to the industry's success. What separates this type of event from most is the casual setting which is more conducive to authentic social connection and cannabis businesses creating long-term mutually beneficial B2B relationships. 

More Events Like This to Come

Ann and her team at Joint Venture & Co. continue to bring these experiences to the industry with events like the recent Puff-X-Polish, a cannabis-friendly beauty & wellness event series, and  Yoga + Cannabis, which pairs high-quality cannabis brands with high-quality communities in a Yoga themed event. 

They will also be announcing more events like these including a retreat, so keep up to date with them via their website at

Cannabis has another compelling opportunity to further distinguish itself from the average industry by leaning into these types of events, which are good for business and also remind many of us why we’re in this industry to begin with.

We look forward to seeing more events like these from Ann and Joint Venture & Co., the Cannabis Creative Group, as well as from the industry as a whole.

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