The Flower Expo: Cultivating the Future of Massachusetts Cannabis Industry

The Flower Expo: Cultivating the Future of Massachusetts Cannabis Industry
The Flower Expo: Cultivating the Future of Massachusetts Cannabis Industry /

The Massachusetts cannabis industry has been flourishing in recent years, with the state emerging as one of the most promising markets in the United States. With over $4 billion in gross sales, the industry has witnessed tremendous growth and is now set to showcase its potential this week at the upcoming Flower Expo, a new cannabis trade show. Taking place on June 14-15, 2023, at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, Massachusetts, this event aims to bring together industry professionals, brands, and retailers to network, showcase products, and drive the growth of the Massachusetts cannabis market.

The Flower Expo promises to be a groundbreaking event, with more than 40 exhibitors and 130 retailers already confirmed to attend. Among the esteemed names in the local and national cannabis industry who will be present are Cookies, Bountiful Farms, Betty’s Eddies, Zig Zag, Ascend, The Botanist, Revolutionary Clinics, Her Highness, The Heirloom Collective, and many more. The participation of these renowned brands offers a unique opportunity for retailers to discover and experience the best products that the market has to offer.

The Flower Expo is not merely a trade show; it aims to create a multi-day experience that brings together cannabis brands and retailers in a collaborative and community-oriented environment. The event's organizers, composed of members from various cannabis brands and events, are working diligently to develop and enhance the legal framework and social normalization surrounding cannabis. Led by Jason Bello, founder of Flower Expo and an experienced professional in the cannabis trade show industry, with previous work at Hall of Flowers in California, Nevada, and Toronto, the team aims to create a commerce platform for brands to showcase their products and conduct business with retailers.

Moreover, Flower Expo has partnered with the Big Hope Project, a grassroots 501(c)(3) organization led by two Haitian American brothers from Dorchester, Massachusetts. The event's ticket price serves as a donation to the Big Hope Project, which focuses on supporting communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. 

The organization provides crucial assistance to break the cycle of recidivism through services like record sealing and expungement, educational events, and outreach programs that inform people about the Massachusetts Cannabis Social Equity Program. By aligning with the Big Hope Project, Flower Expo demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and addressing the historical injustices associated with cannabis prohibition.

While the main event at the Franklin County Fairgrounds is a private, invitation-only gathering for industry professionals, Flower Expo also extends its reach to the local community. At the end of the first day, a free block party will take place in downtown Greenfield, open to the public and featuring local vendors. This serves as an opportunity for residents and visitors to engage with the cannabis industry in a more accessible and inclusive setting.

Flower Expo is set to be a game-changer for the Massachusetts cannabis market. By bringing together esteemed brands and retailers, the event offers a platform for networking, discovery, and business transactions. 

The exceptional lineup of participants and the dedication of the organizers highlight the potential for growth, innovation, and positive social impact within the cannabis industry. To learn more about the event and secure your spot at the Flower Expo, visit

Join the cannabis community in Massachusetts this week as it cultivates a bright future through this landmark event.