Blunt Person of the Month: KymB

KymB is a cannabis entrepreneur, content creator, social media influencer, and public speaker.
KymB is a cannabis entrepreneur, content creator, social media influencer, and public speaker. /

Ken Ahbus is a New Yorker that loves cannabis and the drama of the industry. He sells clothing sometimes.

My name is Ken Ahbus and I have a confession to make. I like blunt people. According to Google to be blunt means to be uncompromisingly forthright. A blunt person is frank and candid not just some of the time. It’s who they are. 

Google also defines a blunt as a cigar filled with marijuana. The only thing that I like more than blunt people are blunt people that smoke blunts. 

Every month we will choose a blunt person to highlight and they will get some sweet swag from Ken Ahbus and Bluntness Media. 

Our first blunt person of the month is a person that doesn’t need a full last name KymB. 

KymB aka Kymberly Byrnes is a name synonymous with New York cannabis and she is a blunt person.

She wears a custom cannabis leaf necklace that would make some rappers jealous of her bling. She dropped out of school at 15 and sold dime bags to get by. She’s a certified pilates instructor. And she looooves Staten Island. 

She’s blunt, smokes blunts and is thriving. 

KymB is currently the CMO of TribeTokes and runs the multi million dollar operations with her business partner Degelis Tufts Pilla and a lean team. No joke in Oct 2021 they were doing $130k in sales a month of their line of vapes, gummies, skincare and accessories. Not bad for a person that smokes ‘mad blunts’ as she will smilingly admit to. 

As CMO, she spearheads TribeTokes growth strategy. When TribeTokes started, the company mostly catered to wholesale accounts. Now most of their sales are DTC with customers being driven to their website through CPC ads, along with an affiliate program. Kym also uses her status as a cannabis influencer to drive sales. 

When Kym likes a product outside of the ones she creates it means a lot. An endorsement from Kym is worth a lot which is no wonder why brands flock to her. 

Transparency is another word that I think of when I think of KymB. While some people use social media as a highlight reel, Kym isn’t afraid to post both the highs and the lows of life. Pun intended. The highs of being invited to MC a conference. The lows of business and breakouts. It’s not easy to be vulnerable but it’s something that blunt people do. 

KymB on paper shouldn’t be where she is today. She’s raising a cool 3 million dollars to build a manufacturing facility (pending licensing). She used to sell dime bags when she was fifteen. How does that happen?!? 

I think it’s because she’s a blunt person. A blunt person that persisted despite the odds while always having a blunt nearby. 

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