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#BetterThanTherapy is a 4-Week Cannabis Healing & Yoga Therapy program to guide people in sacred ways to heal their mind, body, heart, and soul with cannabis in various forms. Wellness practices and yoga therapy that are effective in helping people heal and care for themselves in ways like never before -- rather than using harmful pharmaceuticals, undergoing surgery, or having to invest in so many different modalities without experiencing true healing or relief.

#BetterThanTherapy is hosted by Antonina of Green Gods Wellness.

The program meets weekly -- every Wednesday evening -- for 2 hours for sacred healing and transformative practices supported by cannabis with a different focus each week.

Week 1 - Mind. Week 2 - Body. Week 3 - Heart. Week 4 - Soul.

The program begins on Wednesday, July 22nd.

This program is meant for a small group of people in order to keep it intimate, allowing Antonina to support people deeply on their cannabis healing journey. This was previously a 1:1 private program she offered in the past. Each person who enrolls in the program by July 6th will receive a free 50ML bottle of CBD Oil (broad spectrum no THC, tests clean) from Quicksilver Scientific (a CBD oil she has been using for years with 97% bioavailability & instantly effective) valued at $78.50. 

I connected with Antonina amidst internal and external turmoil. I had tried many kinds of therapy and have been attempting vigorously to improve my relationship with myself, others, and reality. I wanted a better quality of life or at least a quality to my life in any aspect. I seemed to be unable to break my patterns and get out of my own way. I was beside myself. What I received through asking for and trusting in her help was monumental. She created a space for me that was sacred and safe despite those qualities being foreign and daunting to me. My innate connection to my body and my feelings had been severed so long ago that I doubted it existed. Antonina's ability to meet me where I am at and patience in working through elements I couldn't even pin down at the time is remarkable and effective. She honors who I am and the divinity of being love. I have experienced subtle to colossal shifts within four weeks of working with her. My entirety has gone through readjustment but more fully, realignment. Her ease gently extended a hand that invited me back to myself, my path.

Lauren P., program client

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If members of the Bluntness Community are interested in the Better Than Therapy Program they can email Antonina at with the subject "Better Than Therapy" or message her on Instagram @greengodswellness to explore if the program is a right fit for your needs and healing journey.

Sign up here for the program, and don't forget to mention @BluntnessMedia for 10% off!