QB-GON: A Better Way to Grind Your Herb

The QB-GON grinder is made in Athens, Greece, and it is a beautiful thing.
The QB-GON grinder is made in Athens, Greece, and it is a beautiful thing.

I’ve never been a huge fan of herb grinders. Over the years I’ve tried several and always end up back to where I started – breaking up the dried herb with (hopefully) clean fingers.

And then the QB-GON – this handcrafted premium grinder made in Greece – crossed my path.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an herb grinder quite like it.

In fact, over the past few months, I’ve come to appreciate this grinder in more ways than one. Same with everybody I’ve shown it to.

When the company asked me if I wanted to write a QB-GON review for The Bluntness, it was an easy yes. And not just any review, I wanted to dig into the QB-GON story.

How did a small team out of Athens, Greece, come up with this? And how come nobody had even reviewed the QB-GON yet?

Before we go any further, I suggest you check out my unboxing of the QB-GON in the video below.

You’ll quickly get a sense of what makes this grinder so special:

If you are serious about cannabis, this new herb grinder is worth a look.

Here are my thoughts, impressions, and discoveries in this QB-GON review.

QB-GON: A Better Way to Grind Your Cannabis

QB-GON grinder
The QB-GON grinder features an interchangeable blade system and is held together by magnets. / Image courtesy of QB-GON

I’ve got a lot of things to say about the QB-GON and what makes this grinder so great, and I wanted to be upfront about the most important quality first.

This grinder is very easy to use. Compared to a traditional grinder, the QB-GON’s innovative design requires much less effort to twist and turn and grind up that dried herb.

The very shape of the QB-GON also lends itself to this quality, making it easier for your hands to grip while you grind away.

This is ease-of-use is extremely beneficial for medical cannabis patients, or anybody who has limited use of their hands.

The functionality alone is enough for worthy attention, however with this grinder, it’s just the beginning.

My Experience with the QB-GON

QB-GON grinder
The QB-GON was designed for people who love cannabis. / Image courtesy of QB-GON

For me, the QB-GON has become an indispensable part of my herbal ritual.

The natural feel of the wood surface in my hands, the comfortable shape, and the smooth, easy grinding action – practical, reliable, and a work of art.

These are the qualities that cannabis enthusiasts have come to appreciate in their accessories and tools.

The one complaint I’ve heard about QB-GON is that in its current iteration, you can’t grind as much herb at once compared to other grinders.

This is a fair critique although doesn’t apply to me. In fact, I require precisely half the QB-GON’s chamber to fill up my dry herb vaporizer.

If cannabis is an important part of your life, why not imbue the experience with a sense of quality and beauty?

For me, the QB-GON is something I proudly display near or on my desk. It’s an expression of taste, identity, and curiosity.

This is a pleasant contrast to most of the other grinders I’ve seen, which often look like they come out of a military-issue mess kit.

When you look at the QB-GON, it doesn’t carry any of the dubious stoner war on drugs nightmare stereotypes of the past – it radiates an aura of its own. You can even flip the layers to create your own design.

I’m staring at it on my desk now, and it looks like something off the captain’s desk in a pirate ship or the means birthplace of democracy source internal architecture Nautilus, or maybe some special desert survival device straight out of Dune.

Reflecting on it now, I think the QB-GON has been subconsciously impacting my imagination the past few months, sitting in peripheral view of my workstation.

Perhaps this is apropos when you consider the QB-GON is made in Greece aka the cradle of civilization.

The QB-GON Story Is Inspiring

QB-GON grinder
The QB-GON team is continuously improving design and functionality of the grinder. / Image courtesy of QB-GON

Even though Greece is the birthplace of democracy and a source of timeless architecture, philosophy, literature, and science – today it is one of the most difficult countries in the world to start and run a business.

There’s also the bit about how the country has been in a state of financial crisis and seemingly permanent austerity measures since 2009.

A lot of the best young minds fled the county years ago, but not all of them.

When I got a chance to interview Kostas Kaldis, the mastermind behind QB-GON, I was blown away by his story.

The birth of the idea came in 2013. Like a lot of young Greeks, Kaldis had been dealing with unemployment and disappointing job outlooks.

He knew he had to do something for himself, build something, solve a big problem, create a better version of something … but what?

Why not the cannabis grinder?

He’d been fiddling around with cannabis grinders for more than 20 years, and he had never seen any sort of real evolution there.

“I realized that the standard grinder could be changed and enhanced, but I had to do it with my own creative way, and I wanted to go crazy and if possible ‘reinvent’ the grinder as a tool in general,” Kaldis says.

“From the looks to the principles of operation, I wanted to go further and add features that had never been seen in a grinder before.”

When Kaldis decided to get to work on this new project, he couldn’t sleep. His mind was feverish with ideas, questions, and vision. He had to get the concept down that night.

The next morning, he scrutinized his notes. This could potentially work. Now he just had to figure out how to make everything happen.

“Back then I had little technical knowledge to produce and even less capital to outsource,” he reveals.

For years, Kaldis spent all his free time learning, enhancing, refining – whatever it took to bring QB-GON to market.

Frankly, this is the kind of entrepreneurial ingenuity that Greece needs more of.

Showing the Potential for Ancillary Cannabis Opportunity in Greece

Greece recently passed a new cannabis law, legalizing THC cultivation with a focus on exports with no clarity yet on the pathway for safe access domestically.

With QB-GON, Kaldis’s mission is two-fold: to show the world that “Made in Greece” is a promise of quality, and to show the Greek State that there are more opportunities than they realize in the international cannabis industry.

“The cannabis progress in Greece is too slow and we are so far behind. I believe legal cannabis here can benefit and even resurrect the Greek economy,” Kaldis says. “CBD is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Indeed, manufacturing cannabis accessories like the QB-GON are just one of many ancillary opportunities that exist around a robust, legal cannabis industry. Other ancillary needs include things like finance, security, tech, packaging, testing, patient care, education, legal, real estate, and much more.

Who is the QB-GON for exactly?

When I ask Kaldis this question – who is the QB-GON for – he practically describes myself.

“QB-GON is for the ones who love art and want something unique. It’s for people who are demanding and want performance and options, the ones who want a grinder that can cover all their needs, the connoisseurs, ritualistic in every step of their cannabis process – this is the grinder for you.”

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